Month: March 2019

Marketing to Millennials: 5 Ways eCommerce Can Absolutely Kill It

Author By Miva    | Posted on • March 22, 2019 DTC Marketing Tips Yes, it’s another article about marketing to Millennials. Don’t worry—the second koalas become the most powerful single purchasing group in the United States, we’ll start talking about those...

/ March 22, 2019

How to Remove Negative Product Reviews on Amazon

Author By Miva    | Posted on • March 12, 2019 Got a few 1-star product reviews on Amazon? Don’t panic—if you act quickly you may be able to get them removed. We’ll tell you how. The world of Amazon can be...

/ March 13, 2019

Complete Guide to Starting a Subscription Service

Author By Miva    | Posted on • March 5, 2019 The explosive popularity and continued growth of the subscription revenue model has prompted many online merchants to consider offering a subscription service. A monthly subscription business strategy can skyrocket customer lifetime value by turning one-time...

/ March 5, 2019