The Top 3 Ways Online Auto Parts Stores Can Boost End-of-Year Sales

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The end of the year can be very lucrative for online auto parts stores

Many online sellers rely heavily on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday season sales. While the end-of-year shopping rush is typically associated with consumer goods retailers and gift-buyers, these months can be just as lucrative for online automotive parts stores.

By taking advantage of seasonal buying trends, automotive eCommerce merchants can seize their slice of the end-of-year shopping pie. The following are three strategies that can help drive sales for online auto parts sellers.

Get Creative With Holiday Promotions

Plenty of holiday shoppers have a gearhead on their gift list. Advertise your store’s gift options and tailor your promotional language to appeal to shoppers who may have less mechanical know-how than your usual buyers. Gift certificates can entice shoppers who lack confidence in their own expertise, as can a forgiving exchange policy that will allow their mechanically-inclined loved one to swap out the gift for a better fit.

While the holiday season offers a great opportunity to tap into a new customer base, don’t forget to market to your loyal clientele. Encourage your customers to turn their passion into a creative gift for less knowledgeable car owners. Consider suggesting potential gift items, like basic tool kits and how-to guides, as add-ons during checkout. This way, your shoppers can check some names off their holiday list while they shop for themselves.

Incentivize Your Business Buyers

Remind your business buyers of the Section 179 incentive for business equipment purchases. For mechanics, this can include a variety of essential items including tools, equipment, and supplies. Generating a sense of urgency surrounding the end of the tax year can encourage businesses to make a purchasing decision sooner rather than later.

Make braving the holiday rush worth it for your business buyers. Create exclusive seasonal bundles and promote suggested products to encourage sales. Be sure to point out any special pricing for sales over a certain amount or discounts for bulk buying.

Pay Attention to Seasonal Purchasing Needs

Colder temperatures and snow mean that your customers need to start winterizing their vehicles. Highlight common winterization products—tires, chains, and de-icers—and consider creating some special winter sales to promote them. Some fleets may be looking for snowplow gear during the winter months, so don’t forget to promote those products to your business buyers.

Keep in mind that the days surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the busiest travel times of the year. This gives you the opportunity to appeal to those who are planning a holiday road trip. Add some helpful pre-trip vehicle maintenance tips and make sure you provide customers with faceted search so they can look up the right repair tools and products for their vehicle year, make, and model.

Online auto parts sellers don’t have to sit out the online holiday shopping rush if they don’t want to. Understanding seasonal purchasing habit is key to driving end-of-year sales, so focus on identifying and meeting your customers’ needs as the year draws to a close. Doing so will keep your online auto parts store busy, relevant, and profitable this holiday season.

Looking to drive more sales for your automotive eCommerce store? Start by creating the best shopping experience possible.

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