Holiday Shopping Online: Your 2018 Gift Guide

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Miva's 2018 Online Gift Guide

As you’re probably aware, holiday shopping time is running out. Are there still a few tricky recipients left on your gift list? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We have scoured the internet to find the perfect gift options for thrill-seekers, crafters, hunters, gardeners, bikers, and everyone in between.

So, without further ado, we present Miva’s 2018 Online Gift Guide:

Gifts for Outdoors Enthusiasts

Gifts for your outdoor enthusiast

Do you know a hiker, hunter, or camper that always brings a bit of the outdoors into everyday life? Make their holiday special with a gift that appeals to their “wild side”.

Fly Fishing Equipment –

Fly Fishing Equipment from

Still fishing for the perfect gift? No matter how well-equipped your favorite angler already is, chances are they’re going to need new fly lines sometime soon. With Reel Fly Rod’s useful Shop by Species tool, you can find products tailored to your fisher friend’s typical target. Go fish!

Recurve and Longbow Supplies –

Recurve and Longbow Gifts from

Think archery is a little too specialized of a hobby to shop for? Think again. 3 Rivers Archery offers helpful custom product builders like their Arrow Builder and tools like their Spine Calculator to guide you toward the perfect archery gift. Check it out.

Gifts for DIYers

Gifts for your DIYer

Got a friend who knows their way around more power tools and crafting supplies than you even knew existed? Here are a few products that can help jumpstart their next project.

Sewing Machine Supplies and Fabric –

 Sewing Machine Supplies and Fabric Gifts from

Without the proper tools, a sewing project can quickly unravel and come apart at the seams. Help your crafty friend stock up on the essentials like fabric and sewing manuals from Sewing Parts Online. Want to help someone take their sewing hobby to the next level? Shop their sewing machines.

Hand-Blown Artisan Glass Lighting –

Hand-Blown Artisan Glass Lighting -

Does your DIYer have a knack for interior design? New York-based glass studio Niche Modern offers elegant, hand-blown lighting fixtures and vases that a savvy decorator can use to add interest to any room. With a wide array of styles and colors to choose from, you can create pieces that suit any design project. Visit their store.

Soapmaking Supplies – 

Soapmaking Supply Gifts from

Whether you’re shopping for a veteran soaper or an amateur just starting to dip their toes into the world of soapmaking, you can make a big splash this holiday season with a gift that shows your support of their hobby. Essential Depot’s high-quality soap and perfume-making supplies offer everything your loved one needs to further their craft. Check out their soapmaking tools.

Gifts for Conscious Consumers

Gifts for Your Conscious Consumers

This holiday season, let the label-checkers, recyclers, sustainable shoppers, and organic fanatics in your life know you care with a gift they can enjoy without sacrificing their standards.

Certified Organic Essential Oils –

Certified Organic Essential Oils from

If you’re shopping for an essential oil fan but are having trouble finding oils that meet their quality and purity standards, look no further. Plant Therapy offers Certified Organic essential oils that undergo rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure that only the best product makes it to consumers. See their organic oils.

Expert-Designed Native Seed Mixes –

Expert-Designed Native Seed Mixes from

Native plants are a must for any sustainable planter. From seed mixes designed to attract pollinators to mixes created for “lousy soil”, the native plant experts at Prairie Moon Nursery have crafted these mixes for regional suitability, species diversity, and balance—just as nature intended. There’s something for every plant lover, sustainable landscaper, and conscious gardener. Visit the seed mix library.

Sustainably Sourced, Farmer-Direct Coffee –

Sustainably Sourced, Farmer-Direct Coffee from

Got a friend who can’t live without their morning cup of joe? Treat them to a bag of farmer-direct coffee from Thrive Farmers. With a revolutionary revenue-sharing model, Thrive Farmers empowers coffee farmers and promotes economic sustainability. The result? Delicious, high-quality coffee with a positive impact on those who grow it. Shop farmer-direct coffee.

Gifts for Gearheads

Gifts for Your Gearhead

Has your favorite gearhead ever swooped in and solved your car problems with a little mechanical wizardry? Show them your thanks with a gift that plays to their strengths.

Truck Parts and Supplies –

Truck Parts and Supplies from

Do you have a friend who loves their truck more than life itself? Xtreme Diesel Performance is the ultimate hub for truck enthusiasts (and their thoughtful friends). Search by your gearhead’s truck year, make, and engine to discover a huge selection of parts, tools, and upgrades. Check it out.

Motorcycle Essentials –

Motorcycle Essentials from

Got a biker on your list? BTO Sports offers an enormous variety of riding gear, safety equipment, motorcycle parts, and apparel. Whether you’re shopping for a dirt biker or a street rider, this can be your one-stop shop for all major brands and motorcycle essentials. See their selection.

Gifts for Beach Bums

Gifts for Your Beach Bum

You know the one. Even if they live hours from the nearest ocean, your perma-tanned friend still manages to keep the beach vibe alive.

Custom Skateboards –

Custom Skateboards from

Did you know that skateboarding has roots in California surfer culture? Surprise the skater on your shopping list with new wheels, a deck, or even a completely custom one-of-a-kind complete skateboard. With NHS Fun Factory’s Custom Complete builder, you can assemble your own skateboard within minutes. Try it out.

Shoes for Surf, Sand, and Street –

Shoes for Surf, Sand, and Street from

Coolest Shoes in California began with a single product—a shoe designed for everything from hitting the gym to deep-sea fishing. Now they sell a variety of stylish, comfortable, and lightweight shoes for adventurers everywhere. Sound like something your beach-loving buddy would enjoy? Pick out the perfect pair.

Waterproof Device Protectors –

Waterproof Device Protectors from

Whether you’re catching a wave or showing off the catch of the day, the last thing you want to be worried about is your phone. With their selection of waterproof cases and accessories, Dry Case has everything your adventurous beach bum needs to stay carefree while out on the water. Shop waterproof accessories.

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