5 Reasons Your Online Store is Failing

As a Miva Account Executive, I consult with merchants who have all kinds of websites. From unresponsive UI to sluggish page loads, I see the ugly side of eCommerce on a daily basis.

As part of Miva’s continuing mission to help merchants succeed and evolve online, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 signs that your site is overdue for an upgrade.

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1. It Doesn’t Travel Well

The iPhone has existed for over a decade. Smartphones are ubiquitous and are increasingly being used to conduct online purchases. If you want smartphone users to convert on your site, you’ll need to give them a fully realized and responsive mobile experience.

If your site isn’t mobile responsive, it’s time to upgrade.

2. Your Pages Lack Motivation

The modern browser is accustomed to lightning-fast page load—anything short of that could drive prospective shoppers away. More than half of mobile shoppers will leave a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Your links should open quickly, your pages should load almost instantaneously, and your customers should enjoy a seamless experience that can keep pace with their browsing and buying habits.

If your site slows your customers down, it’s time to upgrade.

3. You’re Getting Less Organic Traffic

Google adjusts their algorithm based on what will give searchers the best possible experience. They have recently implemented some changes that require sites to be fast, responsive, and secure in order to appear in top search results. Sites that fail to meet their standards risk losing their search position (and traffic) to more accommodating competitors.

If you’re losing organic traffic, it’s time to upgrade.

4. Outdated (or Limited) Payment Methods

Shoppers have become used to having a variety of easy payment methods to choose from when they make a purchase on an eCommerce site. Most popular payment methods make it easier and safer for shoppers to complete the checkout process. Failing to offer these could drive potential customers to more convenient options like Amazon.

If you don’t support popular payment methods, it’s time to upgrade.

5. It’s Been 3+ Years Since Your Last Update

Whoever said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” never had to manage an outdated eCommerce website. The most successful eCommerce brands constantly make updates and improvements to their sites. Smaller businesses should be revisiting their design every 12-18 months.

If you can’t remember the last time your site was changed, it’s time to upgrade.

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About The Author

Benjamin Arp

Benjamin Arp is a Miva Solutions Architect focused on driving eCommerce growth. He’s helped hundreds of eCommerce merchants develop their growth strategy, evaluate existing systems, and create plans to grow sales. In addition to working with merchants one-on-one, he is a regular contributor to the Miva blog and hosts webinars on a variety of eCommerce topics. Find him on LinkedIn.

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