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Dragonproof Episode 13

Rick Wilson is joined by Rob Stanley of FeedbackWhiz to discuss the state of selling on Amazon during COVID-19

With 250,000 physical stores closed during COVID shutdowns, and ecommerce business surging to levels never before seen, we are experiencing a generational shift in the way people shop and sell. Businesses of all kinds are looking for ways to survive in a radically different climate than even a few months ago, as new and established sellers are racing to build up infrastructure, develop their sites, and open up new channels.

Of course the Amazon marketplace is a tantalizing, and potentially lucrative, destination. Recent U.S. Amazon sales gains of 30% or more mean that demand for easy and effective online shopping experiences has shot through the roof. In this week’s Dragonproof Podcast, Rob Stanley, CMO for the popular Amazon seller tool FeedbackWhiz, shares his experience with what’s working for sellers on the platform, as well as which best practices are unchanged, even in this rapidly changing sales environment.

“Trust is a universal platform across all ecommerce.”

Rob Stanley

The wave of new Amazon stores, products, and shoppers demands that sellers nurture a sense of trust with their customers. On the pod, Rob describes which products are relevant to people’s lives under lockdown, how to support those products with excellent content, and how to build a reputation for trustworthy service.

Above all, sellers need to keep their eyes open to evolving conditions, and then modify their game plans appropriately.

Listen to the full recording to find out how incorporating Amazon into a portfolio of other sales channels might be a valuable addition in 2020…if you can learn to play by the dragon’s rules.

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