The following case study features a leading home textiles manufacturer that turned to ChannelAdvisor to help accelerate sales through Managed Services for Amazon Advertising.

This well-known home decor brand provides discerning consumers with all kinds of textiles, from blankets and bedsheets to table linens, towels, shower curtains and more. The company has focused on helping people furnish their homes with high-quality, fashionable items.

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Although the brand had developed a strong presence on Amazon, the e-commerce team says they were confident the company could generate even more sales with the right strategy in place. 

Specifically, the textile manufacturer says it was looking to generate additional revenue by making the most of Amazon Advertising opportunities.


In an effort to take the company’s Amazon sales to the next level of growth, the brand says it turned to ChannelAdvisor for its unique mix of advanced technology and e-commerce expertise. As the brand began to fine-tune its marketplace strategy, the team relied on several of the ChannelAdvisor platform’s key tools and services, including:

  • Self-Service Marketplaces to consolidate inventory management, product repricing, content optimisation and more within one central platform
  • Webstore Amplifier to simplify product creation, automatically synchronize inventory and standardize fulfillment across channels and retail websites
  • Managed Services for Amazon Advertising to get expert guidance on strategies for increasing visibility, as well as hands-on assistance to create robust Sponsored Products and Brands campaigns

The combination of a cutting-edge e-commerce platform and digital marketing expertise was exactly what the brand needed to reach its revenue goals.


Since working with ChannelAdvisor Managed Services, this textile manufacturer says the business has consistently hit its monthly goals for both shipped cost of goods sold (COGS) and advertising revenue. The company reports revenue gains over a six-month period have been as much as six times higher than anticipated in some instances.

Specifically, the brand set out to achieve a year-over-year ad revenue increase of at least 25% each month. In addition to consistently reaching that goal, the brand says ChannelAdvisor helped the team generate as much as 150% more in advertising revenue on Amazon.

“Achieving results like this requires a real team effort and a sophisticated strategy,” explained Lindsey Peterson, client strategy manager at ChannelAdvisor. “It’s important to closely collaborate, constantly innovate, and seize every opportunity to leverage the tools available. ChannelAdvisor’s robust platform coupled with our advertising expertise has turned out to be a winning combination for this brand.”

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