New Forrester Report for Brands: How To Master Your Own Digital Destiny

If there’s one challenge all brands are experiencing right now, it’s this:

Direct-to-consumer relationships are more influential, and important, than ever.

Consumers have long preferred to purchase products directly from manufacturers when given the option. And now, according to recent research from Forrester, 21% of US shoppers (and 25% of European shoppers) plan to initiate digital connections with brands even more frequently in the future.

The question on the minds of many branded manufacturers is: What’s the best way forward?

Over the years, different brands have taken different approaches — with wildly different results. As consumer trends continue to accelerate in this area, now’s the time to build out a solid plan based on the strategies that work best for your brand. And Forrester’s new report can help you do just that. In the latest resource for manufacturers, Branded Manufacturers: Master Your Own Digital Destiny, Forrester researchers explore the biggest opportunities available to brands today, as well as leading strategies for crafting a comprehensive direct-to-consumer strategy.

Here’s a quick preview of what’s in the report:

First, while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to successful D2C selling, Forrester’s findings indicate there are several elements that will impact virtually every brand’s chances at D2C success. For example, while not every brand will opt to sell directly to consumers, all should:

  • Own the customer relationship as much as possible
  • Connect consumers to the channels where they can find and purchase a brand’s products
  • Clearly define how product distribution and partnerships will be managed

Whether you choose to sell direct to consumers on e-commerce marketplaces or leverage retailer partnerships to expand your digital footprint, Forrester’s report is packed with insights you can use to future-proof your business. Download it now for step-by-step guidelines you can use to:

  • Identify your brand type 
  • Understand your e-commerce opportunities
  • Build out your direct-to-consumer strategies
  • And more

The report takes into account a wide variety of options. So no matter where your D2C efforts stand today, you can gain a stronger understanding of where to focus efforts next.

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