Salsify Launches Innovative Software Development Kit for Enhanced Content | Salsify

The new Salsify Enhanced Content Software Development Kit (SDK) will help retailers establish and manage enhanced content connections to support retailer and brand conversion growth.

Today marks Salsify’s launch of the Enhanced Content Software Development Kit (SDK), a self-service solution that helps retailers establish a connection to add Salsify Enhanced Content to their websites.

These connections then empower brands to publish their enhanced content on retailer product detail pages (PDPs).

Enhanced brand content can help increase conversion rates by up to 50%, according to 2021 Salsify Enhanced Content internal data.

The Salsify Enhanced Content SDK was developed to support growth for retailers and brands by helping them publish engaging shopping experiences below the fold of their product pages.

New Expectations for Product Content

Shoppers worldwide have new expectations for product content, with 70% of U.S. shoppers indicating they would be more likely to make a purchase when the product page is “personally relevant,” according to the Salsify “Consumer Research 2022” report.

Shoppers in other markets indicated a similar preference for personally relevant product pages, with 73% of shoppers in Great Britain, 50% in France, and 48% in Germany indicating they would be more likely to buy.

More Control and Flexibility for the Future of Commerce

The Salsify Enhanced Content SDK gives retailers the ability to gain more control and flexibility over their websites while empowering brands to publish enhanced content. This collaboration between retailers and brands helps them meet the new expectations for product content.

There is no cost for retailers to implement Salsify Enhanced Content SDK on their websites.

Retailers can get started with Salsify Enhanced Content SDK and start the free implementation process by clicking the link below to connect with our retail team.