Sometimes, it’s easier to do something when you can visualize and emulate those who have gone before you. It’s the reason customer reviews are so important when consumers make a purchase. In the same way, success stories from companies similar to yours can help paint a picture of a solution when a web page just can’t. 

That’s why we’ve compiled these three ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing success stories. While these retailers and brands range in specialties from golf to horse gear to candles, they all have one thing in common: they’ve seen the power of ChannelAdvisor Managed Services on their Google Ads firsthand. 

AJ Tack: Increasing Ad Efficiency to Boost Sales

Legacy Creek LLC (doing business as AJ Tack) has provided both English and Western riders with high-quality tack, apparel and even home décor since 2002. When a father-daughter team purchased the business in May 2020, they recognized its digital presence could be expanded to fully compete across channels.

The company was already using ChannelAdvisor to sell on Amazon, Walmart and eBay, while another firm managed its Google Ads. But AJ Tack wanted the full benefit of ChannelAdvisor’s multichannel commerce platform to grow its digital presence, capture more sales on Google and manage its broader range of listings. 

Solution: ChannelAdvisor Managed Services for Digital Marketing

Use case: Targeted digital marketing and diversified selling channels for better appearance in search

AJ Tack now works closely with a ChannelAdvisor client strategy manager who focuses specifically on Google Ads. In an effort to double website conversions year over year (YOY), the company created Google Shopping campaigns that focused exclusively on key brands other retailers weren’t selling during the Q4 2021 holiday season. 


  • 44% YOY increase in conversions for Q4 
  • 85% increase in revenue during the same quarter

“ChannelAdvisor, because of its size and scope and partners, is in the know of what’s happening or what’s coming up,” said CEO Michael Farrell.

The Golf Club: Putting Products Front and Center in Search

Turning a small retail shop into a spacious showroom and thriving online business takes time. But after 20 years, The Golf Club now serves golf enthusiasts across the country with custom-fit irons and golf gear. Along the way, the company ran into some challenges with performance and profitability that its agency partner just couldn’t fix. With the right “marketing mix” of e-commerce expertise and technology, The Golf Club has hit some incredible milestones.

Solution: ChannelAdvisor Managed Services for Digital Marketing

Use case: Placing products in front of purchase-ready customers by bringing all digital marketing under one umbrella

With help from ChannelAdvisor, The Golf Club began optimizing product content, targeting bidding and fine-tuning ads. The solution has also helped the retailer achieve business growth, profitability and customer satisfaction — even during the pandemic. When lockdowns sent consumers in search of golf products online, The Golf Club was front and center in search. 


  • 71% increase in online sales during spring/summer 2020
  • 95% increase in YOY revenue
  • 20% increase in ROAS 

“We measure success by business growth, profitability and customer satisfaction,” said founder John Rowsey. “ChannelAdvisor has helped us reach sales goals and increase growth of the business.”

The Candleberry Company: Increasing Revenue & Improving ROAS

The Candleberry Company is a 25-year-old family business that sells the longest-lasting, strongest-smelling candles on the market. It was even the first to capture the bourbon fragrance, an homage to its home state of Kentucky. 

But when it came to managing Google Ads, Candleberry struggled to get its 320 different candle varieties in front of the right online shoppers. The company attempted to manage its own Google Ads or hire an agency who would later resort to a “set-and-forget” approach, missing out on potential sales. With ChannelAdvisor, Candleberry began creating holistic campaigns with the goal of improving customer acquisition and revenue. 

Solution: ChannelAdvisor Managed Services for Digital Marketing

Use case: Regularly monitoring and modifying Google Ads with expert guidance to stay visible to online shoppers

When the pandemic hit, the company was flooded with orders from customers across the country. At a time when some online sellers watched sales drop due to lockdowns, Candleberry stayed visible in searches and remained safely in production to meet new customer needs.

With guidance from its ChannelAdvisor account manager, Candleberry had weekly insights to take advantage of its new market position. In turn, the company expanded its customer base across the country and blew past years’ revenue and ROI out of the water.


  • Expanded customer base
  • 95% increase in YOY revenue (March-June 2020)
  • 71% increase in orders
  • 20% increase in ROAS

“Had we not had a weekly meeting with our account manager saying ‘here’s something you’ve got to take advantage of,’ we would not have known to take those steps,” said creative director Lisa Clark. “We now have a customer base sprinkled farther out. That would not have happened had ChannelAdvisor not been there.”

ChannelAdvisor Knows Google Success

ChannelAdvisor helps brands and retailers achieve unprecedented Google Ads success with a clear understanding of campaign best practices and a strong Google partnership. In fact, ChannelAdvisor was recently named among Google’s Top 2022 Premier Partners as part of the Google Partners Program

The designation highlights the strength of ChannelAdvisor’s ongoing strategic alliance with Google. As a Premier Partner, ChannelAdvisor has access to the training and insights brands and retailers need to drive long-term growth and stay ahead of the fast-changing e-commerce landscape.

And with ChannelAdvisor Managed Services, customers have a champion in their corner to ensure total alignment with their digital marketing goals. In addition to Google, Managed Services acts as an extension of your team to supercharge your selling and marketing efforts across Amazon, Walmart, Facebook and hundreds of other channels.

Could your Google campaigns benefit from expert-led guidance? Contact us to learn more about how our Managed Services team can help you stay front-and-center among consumers.

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