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Miva allows customers to tailor their business site to their business needs.

Online merchants set out to look for a new ecommerce platform for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re looking for more customization. They could be looking for more features and functionality. Perhaps their site is running sluggishly because they have too many plugins.

The move is often prompted by good news: higher sales volumes may make them aware they’ve outgrown their current entry-level shopping site. They know it’s time to up their game.

What does graduating up to Miva get you?

Miva allows customers to tailor their business site to their business needs. With Miva’s native functionality, they can offer their customers next-gen ecommerce experiences such as product configurators, visualizers and buying guides. They can enhance product discovery with intuitive search capabilities such as combination facets. They can refine their marketing with new pricing and promotional capabilities.

But some of the most exciting changes happen behind the scenes. Enterprise businesses are discovering that Miva can provide them with new ways to manage their supply chain, expand their markets, and increase their ROI. In the past, this functionality was only available through custom development, putting the tools out of reach for most smaller and mid-sized companies. With Miva’s native functionality, what had been complicated and custom is now turnkey.

Perhaps Miva’s most revolutionary feature is how it blurs the line between B2B and B2C. With customized logins, ecommerce stores can differentiate pricing, promotions, shipping and payments between B2B and B2C customers on the same platform. This gives wholesalers a way to open up direct-to-consumer sales, while still offering specialized services to their core clients. It also gives B2C sites a way to expand and manage their distribution channels.

Miva helped Decorative Films move from B2B to B2C. A custom-built visualizer tool is a key feature of the Decorative Films’ B2C site. The groundbreaking, amazingly intuitive tool helps clients see and select window treatments in a variety of real-world environments, while highly visual category content and tightly integrated social media combine to feature products in interactive, dynamic ways. As a result, retail customers now enjoy a premium “showroom” experience while shopping online. From the back end, orders are managed from a single admin interface which facilitates fast and effective fulfillment, integrated with shipping provider UPS.

A separate stand-alone site connects professional customers such as interior designers and contractor partners with their clients, either on-site or remotely via tablet.

“Miva showed us exactly what we needed from a partner, delivering ease of use and obvious ways to improve efficiency while streamlining backend processes,” says Charl Berning, Managing Director of Decorative Films.

Integrating operations provides a host of benefits, including the ability to automatically sync products and inventory with ERP and accounting systems. Many brick-and-mortar retailers and offline-only wholesalers have been wary about moving to online systems because of concern about managing two sets of books and inventory systems. With Miva, they don’t have to.

With Miva, customers don’t have to rely on apps or plugins since so many tools are available with Miva’s native functionality. For B2B sellers, it’s easy to add tools that make it faster for wholesale customers to place complex large orders. At the same time, Miva offers B2C retailers the bells and whistles they want to showcase their products and their brand identity. And all customers benefit from logic-based functions to automatically display if a product is sold out.

Migrating to Miva enabled Linentablecloth.com to offer customers the choice of two shopping channels on one platform: sales and rentals. It’s also allowed them to add continued functionality improvements after their site launch. “With Magento, we’d get a new feature built, and then when we’d go live it would break everything and we’d have to revert back to as it was before,” says Ron Berrett, owner Linen Tablecloth. “With Miva, we are able to do things we have wanted to do for years. We can add new features quickly. That’s just not possible on other platforms.”

With such happy customers, it’s little surprise Miva topped G2 Crowd’s Relationship Index for Ecommerce Platforms for Spring 2018, with a 93% rating for Quality of Support, high above the average of 83%. Miva also topped the Results Index, with particularly high marks for Average User Adoption – a score of 95% compared to the average of 76%. The ROI scores were particularly attractive, with Time to Go Live in only 1.9 months (the average was 3.1) and returning an investment in only 7.3 months instead of the average of 11.1.

Find out more about how your business can benefit from Miva by booking an appointment to talk to a Miva solutions architect at IRCE 2018.

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