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This month, Miva’s Professional Services team successfully launched several ecommerce websites that were built upon the versatile Levels ReadyTheme. As shown with these three ecommerce websites, custom functionality and color palette can be added to create a unique website and a personalized customer experience. Keep reading to learn more about these newly redesigned Miva stores.

As covered previously in our blog, Miva’s ReadyTheme website templates are a great tool to help Miva storeowners and developers redesign and build a new website from the ground up.


Decorative Trimmings | Website Redesign

Decorative Trimmings manufactures and sells decorative trimming and narrow fabrics to B2B and B2C customers across a variety of trades including home décor, apparel, crafts, and hobby. Their extensive product offering includes lace, braids, fringes, and a wide range of trimming options. Located in New York City, this longtime Miva client has been in business for more than three decades.

The Decorative Trimmings team turned to Miva’s Professional Services team for help in delivering a first-class shopping experience for customers. The website was not responsive prior to the redesign project and displayed all product categories, which led to a rather cluttered storefront. The redesigned website now features a fresh new look and feel and functionality that caters to both B2B and B2C customers.

Feature Highlights of DecorativeTrimmings.com

  • Volume Pricing – Customers that purchase in bulk, typically those selling B2B, can take advantage of a lower price point per unit depending on the quantity ordered. This feature matched with the capabilities of the robust Miva ecommerce platform enables Decorative Trimmings to easily manage B2B and B2C orders within one admin.
  • Improved User Experience – Customers can now shop across all devices thanks to the responsive design. The optimized checkout process of the Levels ReadyTheme keeps customers focused on completing purchases.
  • Mega Menu – Native to the Levels theme, cleanly displayed categories are displayed once a user hovers over the hamburger menu, in the main navigation. The mega menu feature enables businesses with extensive product offerings.

View the new DecorativeTrimmings.com


SCHOOLSIn | Website Redesign

SCHOOLSIn is a leading online retailer for school furniture and equipment that specializes in providing products such as desks, lockers, computer, and science lab equipment at competitive prices to K – 12 schools. SCHOOLSIn carries products from more than 100 brands including iconic brands like 3M, Crayola, and Mead.

To celebrate 10 years in business, SCHOOLSin opted to invest in a website redesign with Miva. Seeking a better user experience, the Miva Professional Services team worked diligently to create a new and improved online shopping experience. Customers can now shop across any device thanks to its responsive design.

Feature Highlights of SCHOOLSin.com

  • Product Pages – Each product page provides customers with resources they need to drive them towards converting. Detailed descriptions, product manuals, and customer reviews give shoppers the information needed to quickly get answers to questions pertaining to product specifics. Helpful videos can also be found on the product page to showcase features and used to visualize products in their environment. The ability to select from available color and material options enable customers to create a functional and personalized space.
  • Live Chat – Shoppers can get instant answers to questions with on-demand support thanks to the live chat feature. Quickly access the live chat feature via the global navigation menu located at the top of the website.
  • Shipping Icons – Customers can quickly find out when an item ships, packaging sizes, and assembly requirements while browsing via custom shipping icons located above the fold on product pages.

View the new SCHOOLSin.com


Clean Water Store | Website Redesign

A Miva client for more than a decade, Clean Water Store carries an enormous inventory of clean water systems, filters, chemicals, and replacement parts at affordable prices. Selling B2B, their online store desperately needed an updated storefront.

This award-winning water supplies superstore takes pride in providing educational resources to guide customers through the buying process. The technical resource center provides shoppers with calculators, manuals, how-to guides, installation guides, and more.

Detailed step-by-step guides are also available to customers that need assistance in choosing the proper products like the carbon backwash filter for your water system. The FAQ section matched with charts and diagrams included on this page provide key indicators to help customers choose the proper filter size and model.

The blog acts as a database of useful information for customers. Here, they can discover podcasts, gain an understanding of frequently used industry terms and jargon, along with other tips and tricks regarding water treatment and chemical usage.

View the new CleanWaterStore.com

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