Miva 9.10 – Security Updates & User Group Improvements

We are committed to providing the highest level of security and functionality to Miva store owners and ecommerce shoppers.

Keeping your online store safe and secure is a top priority for Miva. We are committed to providing the highest level of security and functionality to Miva store owners and ecommerce shoppers.

Industry-wide we have seen a rise in compromised credit cards due to phishing, malware and other common online exploits. Our latest update, Miva 9.10, includes important new features to help combat against these types of attacks and maintain the highest level of security for your Miva Store.

Expanded Two-Factor Verification

Two-factor verification sets up an additional layer of security to ensure all logins to the Miva admin system are authorized and legitimate. Detailed information is available here.

  • Hardware/USB – Security keys offer password-free login options for all browsers
  • Backup Codes – Generate one-time use codes to use when key or code is lost
  • Email Notifications – Keep informed when two-factor settings are changed

Plus, coming soon:

Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication – It will be required for full admin users, store managers, and users who are assigned developer keys.

Browser Verification

This security feature built into the Miva system will help automatically thwart hackers who try to access the Miva system without authorization. The first time a new Miva admin logs in to a Miva account from a new browser, a 6-digit verification code will be sent to the email address on file. Once completed, browser verification won’t need to be repeated for a full year.

New users will see the browser verification immediately after the upgrade, and it will roll out for all users in the coming months.

User Groups Improvements

Now it’s easy to add new users and assign them permissions to access and manage the groups most relevant to their roles. Now located at the domain level rather than the store level, the six pre-assigned user groups include:

  • Accounting & Reporting View existing orders, manage affiliate transactions, and run reports
  • Customer Service & Sales Create/modify orders and manage customer accounts (including stored payment cards)
  • Marketing Create and modify discounts, coupons, and gift certificates
  • Order Processing & Fulfillment View and modify existing orders
  • Product Management Manage products and categories
  • User Interface Manage the visual design of the interface presented to shoppers, including ReadyThemes

These are some other improvements that have been added in Miva 9.10:

  • New! JavaScript Subresource Integrity
  • New! Improved Login workflow: progress bar now shows each step to let you know where you are in the login process
  • New! Improved User Edit screens
  • User Level fields for email address (required) and cell phone (optional)
  • User Groups can now limit individual import privileges
  • Additional Admin Activity logging

Find Out More

Miva’s comprehensive documentation section includes full information on setting up and using two-factor authentication, including details on hardware and software.

Miva Clients should update to 9.10 within the next 30-days to ensure continued compliance, as per the full Upgrade/NCF Policy.

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