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This month we look at two launches, a migration and a redesign, on the Miva platform.

Online merchants turn to Miva’s Professional Services for expert strategy and design advice on the Miva platform. Sometimes this means an exciting new launch on Miva as the online store migrates from another platform. But for existing Miva customers, relaunches often involve taking advantage of improvements in Miva’s existing native functionality.

This month we look at two launches, a migration and a redesign, on the Miva platform.

Iwata Airbrush – Redesign | Migration


Iwata provides artists with state-of-the-art precision airbrush tools, including spray guns, air compressors, and accessories. Their legacy site on WordPress was old and dated and used primarily by consumers to find local brick-and-mortar retailers. There was no ecommerce functionality built into the site, limiting the ability to move into B2C sales.

After migrating to Miva, Iwata-Airbrush.com has an edgy new look with navigation that allows them to showcase products and makes it easy for customers to find the right tools for their specific projects. The new responsive site makes it easy for artists to do their homework online, and then find a shop nearby to purchase. And the site is B2C ready for future selling.

Feature Highlights of Iwata-Airbrush.com

  • Airbrush Selector – Take a quiz and in five questions you’ll get personalized airbrush recommendations.
  • Navigation and Product Information – Detailed product information includes more than a dozen fields, including spray performance, working pressure, head system, and nozzle type. Plus, faceted navigation and new product bundles.
  • Education and Tutorials – Starting with “Learn the 5 Ways to Spray”, the site now offers how-to advice on setup, spraying, cleaning, and troubleshooting.
  • Inspiration – Artists can proudly share their work, detailing which Iwata products they used. The site also has social media integration.
  • Ecommerce Ready – When Iwata decides to start direct-to-consumer sales, the backend will help them manage inventory, sales, and shipping.

Party At Lewis – Redesign


Long-time Miva customer Party at Lewis was so happy with their ecommerce site that they postponed an upgrade for years. And years. And years. Finally, Party at Lewis was prompted to push the button on their recent site redesign because they wanted a fully mobile-friendly site. What they got by moving from Miva 4.5 to 9.9 was a host of features that have been integrated into Miva’s native functionality over the years. For Party at Lewis, this means fewer modules to update in the future which will help them keep current with new features and functionality going forward.

What the client wasn’t expecting was how much he loved Miva’s new backend. It was certainly a cause for the party supply merchant to celebrate.

Feature Highlights of PartyAtLewis.com

  • New ReadyTheme design – Levels
  • Improved Navigation – Product pages, related products, recommended products, with functionality and enhancements built into the Miva platform
  • Improved Backend – Easy to navigate and use
  • Responsive – Fully mobile-friendly, with social media

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