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Succeeding Despite YourWebsite

It’s 2019—we live in a world dominated by good-looking websites and mobile devices. If your business has achieved success despite not having a robust and sophisticated website, we tip our hats to you. That’s truly a remarkable feat.

As you continue to operate, you may realize the need to scale your business. A website can significantly impact your brand, particularly how your target customers see your company compared to other businesses on the market.

While embracing the now is great, thinking about the future is better. This means having a website that can help you realize your fullest potential as an online business. In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why you need to sell online with a good site.

You’ll Attract a New Set of Customers

It’s tempting to stick to the same formula if you’ve been doing well. But here’s the thing: studies suggest that 87 percent of shoppers research products online before purchasing. That’s a large amount of untapped customers. Having a good website (and some strategic SEO) is key to getting your company found online and prevents you from losing out to a competitor who does.

You Get to Make An (Even Better) First Impression

In the online world, “don’t judge a book by its cover” basically goes out the window. First impressions matter…and they matter a lot. 75 percent of consumers admit that they base a company’s credibility on its website design alone, while 50 percent of users think that having a site that isn’t mobile-responsive means that the company doesn’t care (even when you do!).

Having a modern, sophisticated website offers a clear view into why your company is great. Shoppers want to see your values and brand voice and they expect things like easy navigation and clear calls to action. Think of it this way: How can shoppers trust you if your website doesn’t give them a reason to? Remember—your competition is just a new tab away. 

Your Site Can Increase Conversions

An Amazon storefront or marketplace might be pulling in sales for you at the moment. However, a sophisticated platform gives you the ability to do things like capture user reviews, offer personalized product recommendations, and hone in on web analytics and data that can help you improve your online strategy and generate more sales down the line.

With convenience being the top motivator for customers shopping online, your business can profit from a website that offers the features and information your customers are looking for.

Growth Strategies for Successful Brands

You Can Future-Proof Your Business

The ecommerce world moves lightning fast. If you don’t have a modern website, your business is more likely to fall from its high peak. A prime example? Sears—a once popular retail giant who crumbled due to its lack of innovation with retail trends. Don’t get lost in the shuffle with a website that holds you back.

A great website can also wear many hats for your business, from a sales machine and brand ambassador to persuasive marketer and support guru. Plus, it can do all of that 24/7. As you prepare for the future, your website is a profitable tool that can grow with you.
Websites are here to stay, and your digital presence can be just as important as your physical products (if not more). Thirty percent of consumers would rather buy from a website that they purchased from previously—why not turn them into loyal, repeat customers with a website that addresses their needs? A good ecommerce site helps you increase sales, lower costs, and display your competitive edge, even as your industry continues to change.

Are you succeeding despite your website? In this guide, we address the misconceptions keeping countless businesses from realizing their true potential:

Ecommerce Website Assessment

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