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On this week’s Dragonproof Ecommerce podcast, Rick Wilson is joined by Corey Lolley, the visionary owner and designer of Maya Jewelry. 

As the creator of iconic hand-forged jewelry designs, Corey is accustomed to navigating the crossroads of art, business, and community. So it is no surprise that she is facing the COVID-19 crisis with a thoughtful, people-first approach that prioritizes the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of customers, artisans, and peers. 

As many in her industry are scrambling to save revenue with unsustainable price cuts and hardcore marketing, Corey is using this time to uplift and empower her audience while reimagining and reconfiguring her successful business for the days to come. 

It turns out her greatest resource is not silver or gold, but the collective creativity and compassion of the people her business serves. 

Find out why Maya Jewelry is “not your average posh jewelry brand” in this warm and very inspiring conversation. 

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Work Together: A collection of industry updates, insights, and resources designed to help independent sellers scale and support our community during the coronavirus pandemic.

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