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A natural health brand shares why “self-care” is a gift to customers and community. 

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What is an “essential” business in 2020? With many business segments ordered into indefinite closures and the public sheltering-in-place, we have come to revere those brands and services that are still working hard to provide goods, employment, and raw materials for other businesses to keep doing the same. 

Plant Therapy is one such business—in fact one of the best we’ve seen at building upon the natural DNA of brand and product to be a positive, impactful player in the lives of its community and team. Their essential oils are used as personal self-care products, as well as base elements in other companies’ products, making them a vital contributor economically and otherwise. 

Now, the brand is uniquely positioned to fulfill its mission—helping people find calm and balance in a challenging time. 

Rick Wilson was joined in the virtual studio this week by Plant Therapy’s Paul Stanger to talk about the many ways the brand is using its platform to put out positive messaging and make substantial contributions to its customers and local community, all while navigating the evolving workplace, supply, and Amazon demands of ecommerce during COVID-19. 

It’s a great talk for anyone exploring ways to give back and sell appropriately during this time, and we hope you enjoy it. 

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