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“Real talk” about the coronavirus crisis as a building block for confidence, with Rick Wilson 

How should we interpret the glut of information, conflicting messages, and predictions about COVID-19? How do we balance personal/family safety with running a business? How do we stay optimistic in the face of hard news? 

Miva CEO Rick Wilson sat down remotely with Dragonproof producer Chris Barrish for a frank talk about where we stand today in the ongoing coronavirus crisis. They discussed the many variables required to truly open the economy right now, identifying the practical and emotional steps it will take for our nation and world to recover. 

Ecommerce is generally experiencing a boom by necessity—this is partly a byproduct of rechanneling business from a vast number of shut physical stores into the comparatively smaller online channel, but it is also the latest chapter in a decades-long saga about the digitalization of society. We are witnessing nothing less than a generational shift in work, social, and shopping habits. 

It will require realistic confidence, rooted in humility, awareness, and honesty. Listen now to add to your arsenal of knowledge, and fuel a sincere optimism for the challenges ahead. 

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