One of the core things Miva does as an ecommerce platform (and a business) is help our customers solve their problems. Our software, at its essence, is a series of features and functionality tied together to help empower customers so they can run their business efficiently and profitably. 

When the spread of COVID-19 shifted the business environment, we considered what the “new normal” looks like for our merchants and focused on how we can help them tackle the problems of today’s world. 

Today we announce the result of this focus—two new features that have been added to the Miva platform: 

  • Quantity Limits 
  • Scheduled Local Pickup & Delivery 

While these are likely just the first of many features we will be introducing to address the new challenges facing online sellers, we hope that they will empower our customers to continue doing what they do best: serving their customers. 

Quantity Limits 

Rapidly-shifting consumer demand, concerns over stockpiling, and supply chain interruptions mean that merchants need the ability to place quantity restrictions on certain products. 

We are extending the product minimum/maximum restrictions that already exist at the order level down to the product and category level to offer merchants more control over the product quantities that can be purchased by individual customers. 

Store owners can now establish minimum and maximum purchase quantities, apply cumulative limits on products purchased from a particular category, and adjust product restriction settings via CSV. 

Learn more about Quantity Limits 

Scheduled Local Pickup & Delivery 

Even as many states begin the process of reopening, businesses and customers everywhere still need the ability to conduct transactions in a safe and convenient way. 

For ecommerce sellers with physical locations and/or the resources to offer local delivery, this module offers the ability to support the socially-distant buyer with advanced pickup options. 

This module’s powerful settings allow merchants to configure the number of days in advance a customer can schedule pickup. Sellers can also set the number of available pickup slots for a given timeframe to ensure that customers arrive for pickup separately. 

Alternatively, merchants can offer customers within their region the option to select local delivery for their order. 

These settings are reflected in the checkout experience, where the customer can select the date and time when they wish to pick up their order.  

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated
A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Once the purchase is complete, customers can receive email notifications letting them know that their order is ready for pickup. These can be configured using our standard Template-Based Email Notifications. 

Learn more about Scheduled Local Pickup & Delivery

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