Unlocking Strategic Opportunities In Business and Life – New Podcast

  • Work Together 2020
Unlocking Strategic Opportunities in Business and Life

How strong leadership and a commitment to self-care fuel one another. 

In this week’s Dragonproof Ecommerce Podcast, Rick Wilson breaks down a simple yet powerful formula for great leadership:

1. The job of a leader is to protect workers and customers, and to constantly look for strategic opportunities which enhance the success of both.

2. Mastering core issues for your company, like safety, security, and efficiency, opens up opportunities for self-care and personal growth for you.

3. #2 helps you be better at #1.

Recent surveys indicate that workers are adapting well overall to nationwide work-from-home changes. Still, leaders at every level of every company are now tasked with providing answers, guidance, and emotional support for a workforce navigating complicated new realities.

The connection between stewardship of a business and investment in personal health and happiness has never been more important to explore.

Listen now to hear Rick’s insightful take on how these two goals drive each other in a positive feedback loop—the “secret sauce” to effective leadership in 2020, and every year.

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