From the start, our goal has been to level the playing field for eCommerce retailers to compete against larger brands and to grow their businesses. At the forefront of Springbot’s strategy is how we can enable online businesses to accelerate and activate their marketing . With that in mind, we always strive to provide our customers with expert service and a high-quality platform so they can plan what to do next.

And coming in 2021, users of the Springbot platform will be able to create rich eCommerce content they can send to their customers and subscribers.

Add Blogging to Your eCommerce Strategy

We are excited to announce the Springbot has acquired a very unique tool to help retailers elevate their marketing strategy. Matcha, the first all-in-one blogging capability for eCommerce, is now officially part of the Springbot family. We are excited that along with this great new feature, Matcha founder and CEO Fynn Glover and his team will be coming on board. Our teams have already developed a natural connection, and together we are eager to help our customers to optimize their marketing strategies with content.

Matcha initially focused on helping brands and retailers create and source content, but after seeing the publishing gap that exists for SMBs retailers, expanded to providing eCommerce blogging tools designed to fill the void around publishing, managing and measuring content. The eCommerce blogging offering is purpose-built for eCommerce with capabilities such as embedding products within content, providing eCommerce templates, segmenting content by audiences as well as identifying what content is winning with what audiences.

The Matcha tool furthers our vision of how we will uniquely marry customer data, channel action and content for our customers. We are excited to fuel our customers growth together through customer-centric marketing.

What Comes Next?

The blogging capabilities that Matcha brings will be available early in 2021. Current users of the Springbot platform can reach out to their account managers for more details on how this new capability will help them grow their business, and others looking for additional information can contact one of our eCommerce experts to learn more.

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