eCommerce crew, it’s that time of year again! Where we countdown the top eCommerce blog posts of the year based on eCommerce trends, topic popularity, and your questions, feedback, and engagement. Thanks for making this our best eCommerce blog year yet!

So, which post rocked 2020 and became this year’s most popular eCommerce topic?

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Top up your coffee and let the countdown begin! 

#9. Why and How to Fix Low Facebook Page Scores Today! 

Fix Low Facebook Page Scores

One of the most significant Facebook updates to happen over the course of last year was their new low score ad policy. This meant eCommerce Facebook pages with low scores had their ads disabled which, of course, caused a lot of initial online panic. However, with the right page score improvements, sellers were able to quickly mitigate lost revenue in time for the big shopping days. We strongly advise you to visit this post to see how you can check your scores and find out where you stand after your year-end ads. Read more here → Facebook Disables eCommerce Ads with Low Page Scores.

#8. Copy from 28 Winning Multimillion-Dollar Online Fashion Brands

28 Winning Multimillion-Dollar Online Fashion Brands

Next on our countdown to the best eCommerce post of 2020 is this list of high-performing online fashion brands and leading strategies you can steal (implement). As we know, online apparel is not only the biggest eCommerce niche but the fastest-growing online industry. This means you have to work hard to stand out from the crowd in your segment. This post not only shows who is doing it but how they are doing it. Get the list here → Top Online Clothing Stores.

#7. Google Campaign Types with the Best ROAS [Exclusive Case Study]

Google Campaign Types with the Best ROAS

Number seven is our in-depth, exclusive case study we did to prove which type of Google ad results in the best ROAS for eCommerce marketers. In this study, we analyzed the Google Display, Search, Shopping, and video ads of over 2,000 eCommerce advertisers to find the campaign type more likely to not only convert but do so for the least amount of spend. Read more here → Best Google Ad ROAS.

#6. 32+ Must-Join eCommerce Facebook Groups [2021 Edition]


There is so much value in this eCommerce post that we created a 2020 version, and you guys loved it. Here, we narrow down the best Facebook groups for eCommerce entrepreneurs and help you find the perfect group to connect with industry experts, like-minded eCommerce owners, and more. If you haven’t joined one of these groups yet, you’re missing out! Find your group here → Top eCommerce Facebook Groups.

#5. Competitive Pricing Strategies for eCommerce

Competitive Pricing Strategies for eCommerce

Hugely popular among our merchants was our top full 2020 guide to competitive eCommerce pricing strategies. Should you be implementing value-based or dynamic pricing strategies? Will lead generation pricing strategies bring you more conversions? Is it time to upgrade to expert pricing strategies such as penetration or loss leading? This post will answer all your pricing strategy questions, tell you why you need to upgrade, and when and how to do it. Read more here → Competitive Price Strategies for Online Stores.

#4. Want a 90% Open Rate? It’s Time to Invest in an eCommerce SMS Marketing Strategy


SMS marketing is becoming a popular tool for eCommerce brands. However, a lot of sellers haven’t taken the plunge yet. This post on the benefits of SMS marketing and how to implement a winning strategy boomed this year, and it’s no surprise why when so many of you are looking for new, upgraded marketing and customer support strategies. Find out absolutely everything you need to know about SMS marketing, here Winning SMS Marketing Strategy for eCommerce.

#3. Guide to the Perfect eCommerce FAQ Page

Perfect eCommerce FAQ Page

Making a comeback, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than our post on how to upgrade your FAQ page to pro level. The best eCommerce FAQs inform potential shoppers in an easy-to-digest way, boost SEO, and above all else – drive conversions. Get the inside scoop here → Create a Winning eCommerce FAQ Page. 

#2. Trending & Best-Selling Products to Sell Online


The secret to long-term eCommerce success is not just finding any old trending product and adding it to your store. You want to find trending products that have consistently shown popularity over time to become best-sellers. Plus, of course, you want to make sure that they fit your store’s target shopper perfectly. This post gives you just that! Read more here → Best Products to Sell Online.

And now, the best, most popular eCommerce post you’ve been waiting for… The post packed full of eCommerce value that sellers got excited about… The cream of the eCommerce content crop…

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#1. Which Print-on-Demand Products to Sell and Where to Find Them

[embedded content]

Print-on-demand has changed the landscape of eCommerce forever. And it’s not just for newbie or wannabe sellers. More and more established brands are including POD products on their stores as a way to test new lines, grow categories more economically, and/or streamline fulfillment. 

And with so many options out there, it’s not surprising why. Find out everything you need to know about POD products here → Full List of Print-On-Demand Products.

There you have it, eCommerce folks: the best eCommerce blog posts of 2020. May 2021 be the best eCommerce year yet. And remember, if you have a topic you are struggling with and want us to cover, you can leave it in the comment section below. 

Happy selling!

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