The secret to finding new products, varieties, and categories for your store is ensuring they are not only popular now but have the potential to be consistent, long-term best-sellers. In other words, avoiding short-lived trends and opting instead for products that will not only boost sales but grow your repeat customer base – both of which are vital to staying on top in the coming year.

As you probably already know, eCommerce competition is expected to be fierce this year, and being able to not only quickly spot possible product trends for your brand but market them in a way unique to your specific store and market is going to be absolutely vital if you want to keep up. 

To help you get there quicker, we take some of the guesswork out of the biggest eCommerce question new and established online sellers have in this post: How to Find Trending Products to Sell Online

How? By giving you a big headstart on trending and best-selling products to sell online in 2021 to outshine your biggest competitors.

We have scoured the internet, buying stats, and trending product lists to compile a list of the biggest eCommerce product trends in various leading niches. These include the following:

  1. Apparel & Accessories
  2. Babywear and Accessories
  3. Beauty & Personal Grooming Products 4
  4. Car Accessories
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Fitness and Sports Equipment
  7. Homeware and Decor
  8. Jewelry and Accessories
  9. Kitchen and Home Accessories
  10. Pet Accessories
  11. Tech & Gadgets

Ready to find out what these best-selling products are? Of course, you are! Let’s dive right in! 

70+ Best Products to Sell Online in 2021, By Niche

Apparel & Accessories Best-Selling and Trending Products

Online clothing and accessory stores are the most extensive and fastest-growing eCommerce niche. With leading online fashion brands generating up to $400 million in revenue each year, there is no shortage of trending product inspiration. 

1. Athleisure

Once again, athleisure makes it to the top global trending product lists. Since its initial rise in 2015, it is showing no signs of slowing down.  

athleisure google trending product 2020

athleisure google trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends]

You just have to see the success of eCommerce brands like Lululemon, Uniqlo, and Unbridled Apparel to see how much potential this niche offers. 

athleisure brand example unbridled apparel

This is a large, highly competitive niche with a lot of product potential. Here are just some of the top trending athleisure products worth adding to your store in 2021. 

sweatpants trending product 2021

crew neck sweater trending product 2021

mock top trending product 2021

mock top online store example under armour

[Source: Under Armour

2. Blazers

ecommerce apparel store example ASOS blazers

[Source: Asos

As expected, there was a slight dip in popularity during the pandemic’s peak in 2020. However, blazers are back on product trends. One of the biggest reasons blazers have been consistently growing in popularity is their versatility in terms of niches (casual or corporate), styles (short- or long-sleeved), and seasons (fall or spring). 

blazers google trending product 2020

blazers google trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends]

thread on lone store blazer example

3. Crop Tops

Another trending product that makes a comeback is crop tops. They are popular across almost every apparel niche, but have also risen to fame in athleisure niches. Don’t be fooled by their slight downturn. This is generally more of a summer product and will be back on the upswing by spring. 

Crop top google trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends

As you can see below, crop tops are most popular in the southern hemisphere right now but expect a swing north by April/May. 

Crop top google trending product per region

However, with the right marketing and creative styling, that’s not to say you can’t win big with crop tops all year round. Here’s an example of current long-sleeve and sweater crop top styles on Dolls Kill.

winter crop top style example dolls kill

4. Cropped Jackets 

It’s not just cropped tops that make the best-selling product lists; cropped jackets are also a growing trending product to sell in 2021. 

cropped jacket trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

This is another product type that can be paired with various styles and designs to cater to many apparel niches. Here’s just a small taste of possibilities from the online store Cropp.

Crop online store example

5. Joggers

Like sweatpants, joggers are all about comfort. Lighter in material weight and offering more design variations, joggers have become a popular all-year-round athleisure product.

joggers trending products 2021

[Source: Westside]

Joggers have been growing in popularity since 2014. However, at the end of 2020 is when they really came into their own, gaining popularity globally. Take a look at the Google Trends graph and region map. In the words of Hansel from Zoolander, they’re so hot right now. 

Joggers google trending product 2020

Joggers google trending product per region

And their popularity has given rise to a wide variety of styles and designs to suit many apparel niches such as casual wear or cocktail outfits. You can find joggers and other fashion trends on fashion blogs such as Fashion Rules to help you Identify design trends to incorporate into your store. 


6. Loungewear

Given 2020 events, it should be no surprise that loungewear – casual apparel designed for relaxing at home – is trending considerably this year. 

loungewear google trending product 2020

loungewear google trending product per region 22

[Source: Google Trends]

Particularly popular in the UK, think of loungewear as pajamas that are stylish enough to wear both inside and outside the home. It’s all about comfort. Some inspirational brands to find best-selling loungewear styles include Oyun Studio, The Sleeper, and Tribe Kelley.

loungewear eCommerce store example loungewear

7. Leggings

leggings trending products 2021

[Source: Google Trends]

If you thought legging trends were slowing down, think again. Dominating best-selling product lists since 2019, leggings are more than just consistent climbers; their popularity leads to variation trends every year. And this year is no different. Here are just some of 2020’s biggest product trends to sell on your store in 2021: 

  1. Yoga leggings 
  2. Side-pocket leggings 
  3. Black leggings 
  4. High-waisted leggings
  5. Patent leggings
  6. Ribbed leggings 

New Product Trend Alert: Ribbed leggings are one of the newest legging trends at the moment, climbing considerably in popularity in the winter of 2020/2021.

ribbed leggings trending products 2021

8. Puff Sleeve Apparel

puff sleeve ecommerce store 2021 lulus

[Source: Lulus

Coming in a variety of styles, puff sleeve styles were a 2020 trending product that did well across seasons. Starting with top designs, they have given birth to a wide variety of popular apparel trends. 

puff sleeve design product trends 2021

Although popularity drops off in winter, puff sleeve tops are expected to be a consistent seller in 2021, specifically in the US, UK, and Australia. 

puff sleeve dress trending products 2021

puffy sleeve top google trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends]

On the other hand, puff sleeve dresses are just getting started and expected to be a top-selling product in the summer of 2021.

puff sleeve dress trending products 2021

[Source: Google Trends]

Like tops, puff sleeve dresses offer a lot of versatility in terms of style and can fit into many apparel niches.

puff sleeve dress online store example net-a-porter

Another product variant taking advantage of puff sleeve trends is bathing suits; which brings us to the next trending product to sell online in 2021.

puff sleeve bathing suits

[Source: Marie Claire]

9. One-Piece Swimwear (Summer)

one piece design examples 2021

Although one-piece swimwear took a bit of a dip over 2020 due to canceled vacations and summer lockdowns, it’s expected to make a comeback in 2021. And although styles vary, the product niche itself is a consistent seller, regardless of design trends.

one piece google trending product 2020

one piece google trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends]

10. Quilted Jackets

quilted jacket ecommerce product example s.oliver

[Source: s.Oliver

There is still time to cash in on a big winter apparel trend and add this best-selling product to your store for 2021. Quilted jackets have made trending product lists since 2010, making them a consistent seller.

quilted jacket google trending product 2020

And as you can see, their popularity is global.

quilted jacket google trending product per region

[Souce: Google Trends

Cashing in on the latest design trends, add this consistently best-selling product to your store. Some of this year’s most popular quilted jackets include: 

  1. Quilted leather coats
  2. Single-breasted quilted coats
  3. Quilted puffer jackets

11. Reversible Jackets

reversible google trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends

As you can see below, reversible jacket trends are booming in the northern hemisphere right now. Still, their popularity will head south when the seasons change – making them a good all-year-round product for eCommerce brands selling apparel globally. 

reversible google trending product per region

12. Waterproof Pants

waterproof pants google trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends]

If you think waterproof pants are reserved for hiking and outdoor brands like The North Face and REI, think again. As more and more cities move to alternative transport like scooters or city bikes, waterproof pants are becoming more mainstream. Additionally, as more people opt for outdoor exercise over gyms – either by choice or necessity – the market for sports pants that are waterproof and thermal is also gaining popularity. 

waterproof pants google trending product per region

As you can see, waterproof pants’ popularity is global, and as rainy seasons widely vary, they have a lot of potential all year round. 

13. Minimalist Wallets

min wallet google trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends

As you may have noticed, minimalist apparel is a general trend theme in best-selling and trending products. However, one accessory variant worth taking a deeper look at is minimalist wallets.

min wallet google trending product per region

Particularly popular in North America, a prime example of a brand winning at minimalist wallets is Herschel.

minimalist wallets product example

minimalist wallets product example 2

14. Crossbody Bags 

If you’re looking for a constant trending apparel accessory that stands the test of time, look no further than crossbody bags.

ASOS crossover back example

Like with a lot of apparel accessories, crossbody bags dipped in popularity in 2020. However, they overcame the slump and are back on the upward trajectory. And with so many styles and designs, there are very few apparel niches that can’t take advantage of their popularity to boost sales this year.

cross body bag trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

Add that to their global appeal, and your possibilities are endless.

cross body bag trending product per region

Babywear and Accessories Best-Selling and Trending Products

Although the baby clothing and accessory eCommerce market was also not immune to pandemic-induced changes in 2020, this niche segment’s revenue potential is expected to make a quick recovery. Baby clothes alone are estimated to increase by 17% to reach over $41 million by the end of 2021.

baby clothing revenue year on year growth

15. Baby Bottles

baby bottle trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends

There is no more constant product for the baby niche than bottles. Although this product is hardly new, more and more new parents in North America, the UK, Australia, and South Africa – to name a few – are opting to buy these online rather than in-store. 

baby bottle trending product per region

You really want to pay close attention to specific types and styles that are trending, such as glass, silicone (the newest baby bottle type), and newborn bottle sets.

newborn baby bottle trending product 2021

16. Baby Bouncers 

Next on our list of best-selling products to sell online in 2021 are baby bouncers. Like with baby bottles, bouncer popularity has been growing steadily since 2014 and has turned into a best-selling product with longevity. As you can see from the Google Trends graph below, not only is this a consistent seller, but it has a global reach.

baby bouncer trending product 2020

baby bouncer trending product per region

The trick is finding a way for your baby bouncers to stand out. An excellent example of this is the 4moms mamaRoo bouncer, which put high-tech baby bouncers (and other baby accessories) high on the trending product list. This smart bouncer mimics a host of movements automatically, designed to help parents rest weary arms. We recommend looking at their full list of specialized products to get inspiration on where high-tech baby product accessories are headed. Check out their store here

4mom baby accessory example store

Pro Tip: Baby swings are different from bouncers in that they swing – naturally – rather than bounce. Unless you’re selling high-tech products like the mamaRoo mentioned above, which offers rocking, swinging, and bouncing in one product, it may be lucrative to add baby swings and rockers to your store as well. 

17. Baby High Chairs 

You only have to look at some of the most popular baby blogs to see how quickly baby chair trends are shifting. Whether your brand focuses on natural products and includes adjustable wooden baby chairs, or you’re a baby-tech brand that can offer a new, cutting-edge design – the possibilities are truly endless. One thing is sure: online high chair popularity isn’t slowing down.

high chair trending products 2021

high chair trending products per region

[Source: Google Trends]

The overall trend to bear in mind when looking for new high chair product ideas is adjustability. 

In fact, there are eCommerce brands that were created solely around the idea of fully adaptable high chairs, like Froc.

high chair unique product store example froc

18. Baby Water Play Mats (Rising Trend) 

Baby water play mats, designed for ‘tummy time,’ are relatively new and have been trending since 2019. If you’re not familiar with this product, check out this video from Simply Novelty

[embedded content]

There are a variety of shapes and sizes, catering for baby to toddler ages. However, it’s important to note that this product is currently only popular in the US, UK, and Australia. There is a lot of potential here if you’re selling in the baby accessory niche.

baby water mat trending product 2020

baby water mat trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends

19. Breast Pumps 

breast pump trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends]

When it comes to consistent sellers for new parents, you can’t go wrong with adding breast pumps to your baby accessory store. Their popularity has a broad reach, meaning global appeal for stores selling in multiple locations.

breast pump trending product per region

To really capitalize on this product category, you will want to keep up-to-date with new technology and popular brands as trends change. For example, at the moment, wearable breast pumps are on a trend high. 

Pro Tip: To stay ahead of the competition in this very competitive niche, follow big parenting blogs and marketplaces such as Babylist for new, popular trends. Their content will also help you fine-tune your product messaging to answer buyers’ most prominent questions and/or pain points.

20. Nursing Pillows 

nursing pillow trending product 2020

nursing pillow trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends

Despite nursing pillows varying in style and size, they generally sit on a parent’s lap to provide a stable position for newborns while nursing. Here’s just a fraction of what’s available online, from Babyshop.

ecommerce baby store example store

The trick to turning this consistent seller into a best-seller or trending product on your store is making the style unique. Not necessarily in the shape of the pillow, but the fabric design, color, or positioning. Here’s one example from Nook.

nook organic nursing pillow product example

21. Sterilizer Dryers

sterilizer dryer trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends

What makes this a best-selling product? It has been trending for an extended period of time. As you can see from the above graph, sterilizer dryers have been continuously trending since the end of 2018. However, their popularity seems restricted to North America. If you are selling in the US and Canada, it’s well worth testing this product on your store.

sterilizer dryer trending product per region

If you are looking for big baby product store inspiration, take a look at the new moms’ online store Minbie. Not only do we love their product page design but agree that their bundled products are genius upselling for their market.

minibie online store example bottle sterilizer

minibie online store example buddled baby products

Beauty & Personal Grooming: Best-Selling and Trending Products

The beauty and personal grooming niches have had a lot of changes and upheaval this year, mostly due to not only the effect of lockdowns but the influence of trending COVID-related products that jumped onto the trend lists from zero. We are sure you have noticed that many beauty products experienced a bit of a lull in their trend graphs in the middle of last year. However, 2021 looks much brighter.  

22. Beauty Fridges (New Trend Alert)

smoko successful online store example

[Source: Smoko Mini Fridge]

New on the 2020 trending product scene were beauty fridges. It’s not that these products were new; in fact, they have been around since 2015. However, in 2020 they became more mainstream, reaching the pages of Vogue and other leading beauty publications and blogs.

beauty fridge trending products 2021

[Source: Google Trends

As you can see from the regional search map below, they already have a broad, global reach, with the highest popularity in North America, Australia, and the UK.

beauty fridge trending products per region

23. Hair Scrunchies

If you’re looking for an upsell product for a beauty, hair, or even apparel accessory store, then hair scrunchies are definitely worth testing. They made such a big comeback in 2020 that Pinterest noted a whopping 6,309% – no, that is not a typo – increase in hair scrunchie searches on their platform. 

hair scrunchie trending product 2020

hair scrunchie trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends

Trend Alert: The whole 90s genre is making a comeback on Pinterest at the moment, including hair clips (searches up by 930%), Y2K outfits (searches up by 669%), and 90s streetwear (searches up by 277%). 

The best thing about hair scrunchies is they are cheap to produce, sell, buy, and fit into various niches. For example, one of the rising sub-trends happening right now is matching scrunchies to face masks – a trend suited for beauty, hygiene, apparel, or combination niche stores.

ASOS matching scrunchie and mask combo example

24. Fake Lashes

Another 2020 best-selling product to sell online in 2021 is fake lashes. You may remember them from last year’s best-selling products list. However, these constant climbers are showing no sign of slowing down.

velourbeauty online eye lash store

[Source: Velour Beauty]

In fact, given the trend to focus on eye makeup because of mask-wearing, it’s one of the few beauty products that has stayed consistently high throughout the pandemic. 

fake lashes trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends

Fake lashes are so popular that there are whole stores around this one niche product. Plus, they have a lot of global appeal for stores focused on North American, South African, European, UK, and Australian beauty markets.

fake lashes trending product per region

25. Hair Wigs

diva wigs online store example selling wigs

[Source: Divaswigs]

Hair wigs are another beauty product that seems mostly unaffected by the 2020 downturns.

hair wigs trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends]

Although industry growth percentages seemed to level out last year, the US wig and hairpiece industry is worth $391 million in the US alone and expected to grow to $10 billion worldwide by 2023.

wig industry growth year on year

[Source: Statista]

hair wigs trending product per region

As you can see from the map above, hair wigs have a broad, global reach. The fastest-growing market segments for wigs and hair extensions include North and Central America, South Africa, and the UK. 

26. Lip Balms  

Lip balm is another cost-effective, best-selling product to sell online in 2021 – and as you can see from the trend graph, it shows no sign of slowing down, maintaining global popularity. 

lip balm trending products 2021

lip balm trending products per region

[Source: Google Trends]

This small yet top-rated product has an almost infinite number of segments, types, and USPs. Here are a few trending lip balm types you will want to keep your eye on this year for potential best-sellers: 

online beauty store example

[Source: MonCornerB]

27. Magnetic Eyelashes

magnetic lashes trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends]

Magnetic eyelashes jumped on the scene in 2018 as a big beauty trend. As we know, beauty trends come and go very quickly, and selling in this industry means having to act fast. However, magnetic eyelash trends have stuck – remaining popular in North America, the UK, and Australia to become a consistent seller.

magnetic lashes trending product per region

Magnetic eyelashes have become a best-selling bundle product – paired with eyeliners and cleansing oils – for beauty stores. And as we know, bundling is a great way to improve order values and customer experience. Here’s an example from Lola’s Lashes.

magnet eyelash store example

Car Accessories: Best-Selling and Trending Products

The car accessory market may not seem sexy, but it is one of those niches that offer stable best-selling product opportunities. Here are the best-selling and trending products to consider adding to your store in 2021. 

28. Car Phone Holders

Car phone holders are one of those accessories that almost all drivers are investing in – not just for easier navigation and charging, but for driving safety.

car phone holder trending products 2021

car phone holder trending products per region

[Source: Google Trends

There are a few popular varieties such as vent, dashboard, or windshield attachments, and spring or magnetic type mounts. One of the newest types is wireless charging mounts, which are powered by DC ports and use Qi wireless charging.

wireless phone charging car holder

[Source: Kenu]

29. Car Air Purifiers 

Another constant car accessory seller is air purifiers, helping drivers minimize exposure to pollution and second-hand smoke.

air purifier trending products 2021

air purifier trending products per region

[Source: Google Trends]

Car purifiers are a particularly popular product on marketplaces, which means there is a lot of feedback (reviews and comments) you can collect to help you with purifier marketing messaging.

amazon air purifier reviews

30. Car Organizers (Trending Product Alert) 

car organizer trending products 2021

[Source: Google Trends]

Despite the pandemic-induced drop, car organizers are expected to climb in 2021 in several global regions. 

car organizer trending products per region

The issue with these products is that when shoppers invest in a good car organizer that works perfectly for them (which is the goal, right?), they won’t be jumping to replace it. In technical terms, this is not a consumer product. However, their popularity makes them a great way to bring in first-time shoppers to an online car accessory or container store. Additionally, there are cheap, entry-level organizers that you can use to convert shoppers and then remarket them later for newer, more expensive organizers moving forward.

container store example

[Source: Container Store]

31. Dashcams

dash cams trending products 2021

[Source: Google Trends]

Dashcams offer a best-selling product option for car accessory and tech stores, as well as eCommerce gadget stores. It’s one of the products that started as a niche but has grown to a consistent global seller for private car owners, rideshare drivers, and delivery companies – meaning there is a wide variety of segments you could market them to.

dash cams trending products per region

If you want to see which dashcams are most popular, and more importantly, why (for messaging data), then tech blogs like TechRadar are a good place to start. 

32. Portable Car Vacuums (Trending Product) 

A car-tech product making a comeback this year is portable car vacuums. Although they don’t have considerable global popularity just yet, if you’re selling in North America, Australia, and the UK, they are worth a look.

portable car vacuum trending products 2021

portable car vacuum trending products per region

[Source: Google Trends]

These portable vacuums don’t need to be marketed for use just in cars. You can also sell them to boat and RV owners –  to name a few! Some of the most popular portable car vacuum brands include Bissell, GALSOAR, Black & Decker, and Dyson.

dyson car and boat vacuum

Side Note: We love Dyson’s ‘out of stock’ incentive. As you can see above, they offer a free tool to potential customers interested in an out-of-stock product who sign up for restocking alerts.

out of stock free gift example

Health & Wellness Best-Selling and Trending Products

The following products on our list of best-selling products fall under health and wellness. This is one niche that has changed dramatically due to the pandemic, with a host of highly trending products popping onto the scene. However, there are still steady climbers worth investing in. 

Important Side Note About Trending Health Products 

It’s not enough for a product to be trending; you need to make sure it fits your specific brand and marketing. For example, we have seen many stores add masks and sanitizers to their product categories this year – because of the fast trend – when they make little to no sense for their market and brand. This can confuse your market and drastically hurt your return business moving forward. Instead, find ways you can use trends uniquely while staying in line with your brand. 

The scrunchie/mask combo from earlier in the post was a prime example of making trends work for a specific niche and market. Another example would be, instead of adding fashion masks to a home, wellness, or health accessory store, you could opt for face mask holders or kits, or market existing products for this purpose. These include boxes, hooks, and stands for homes and offices, and pouches for people on the move. Here are just some examples from Vogue

vogue mask much for traveling

33. CBD Tinctures

CBD tincture trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

Particularly popular in the US, CBD tinctures have been trending over the last few years.

CBD tincture trending product per region

If you’re not familiar with them, CBD tinctures are made from cannabidiol (the non-hallucinogenic compound of cannabis, which is said to offer anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, anxiety-relieving, and analgesic properties and a longer shelf life than oils). 

The biggest issue with including CBD products in a wellness store or creating a niche eCommerce brand around CBD entirely is marketing. There are a lot of legal hurdles to navigate with CBD, and in most countries, you will need to avoid making health and medical claims. You will also have an issue with PPC marketing, with many platforms implementing stringent rules on the subject. However, with its growth expected to reach $16.32 billion by 2026 in the US alone, it’s worth the effort. 

Pro Tip: Looking for creative ways to market CBD products or brands? Focus on offline events and pop-up stores, affiliate marketing networks, content marketing, SEO, and, of course, email marketing. Or, as CBDistillery has done, start a podcast.

CBD marketing with podcase

34. Electric Toothbrushes (Seasonal Product) 

Electric toothbrushes are one of those best-selling products that frequently do well in November and December.

electric toothbrush trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

This means although the peak is on a downward trajectory currently, if the past six years are anything to judge by, electric toothbrushes will be peaking even higher this year. In other words, although this product is seasonal, its peaks and even drops are getting higher each year. Plus, its popularity is very global

electric toothbrush trending product per region

35. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is another product that is no stranger to best-selling and trending lists. And as you can see, its global reach and popularity are consistently high.

matcha tea trending products 2021

matcha tea trending products per region

[Source: Google Trends]

Marketed as a healthy alternative to coffee, it is often found in health, beauty, and wellness stores – not just tea stores. Some big eCommerce names in matcha tea include Mizuba Tea, Cap Beauty, and My Matcha Life.

match tea store example

36. Posture Correctors [2020 Trending Product]

posture correctors trending product 2020

posture correctors trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends]

A big trending product to come out of 2019 and 2020 is posture correctors. Although these include strap and magnetic posture correctors and trainers, a lot of last year’s hype came from tech posture corrector devices with app integration, such as Upright.

posture corrector device examples

37. Pulse Oximeters [2020 Trending Product] 

Another 2020 trending product to keep an eye on is pulse oximeters. However, unlike the best-selling example above, oximeter popularity is still very fresh and very much related to the pandemic. 

pulse oxliater trending product per region

[Source: Google Trends

Traditionally, they allow asthma and heart defect sufferers (to name a few) to measure blood oxygen levels at home. Fitness enthusiasts also use them to measure vital statistics like blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure pre- and post-workouts. But their demand increased with the rise of COVID.

fingertip oximeter comparison amazon

[Souce: Amazon

38. Neck Massagers [2021 Trending Product] 

Neck massagers have been climbing consistently for a couple of years, but 2021 is expected to be their most popular year yet.

neck massager trending products 2021

[Source: Google Trends

Although technically a health product, they can be sold to fitness markets as well. They can be wearable or handled – called massage guns. And massage guns, in particular, are so hot right now!

massage gun trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

Massage guns are aimed more at the fitness enthusiast market, offering muscle recovery after workouts. Here’s an excellent example of the latest model and tech from Phoenix.

massage gun example store phoenix

39. Compression Socks

compression socks trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

Bought by consumers for either comfort, sports performance, or to help alleviate serious medical conditions, compression socks are another broad product category that can fit into either health or fitness. There are many variations in terms of use and fit, as shown by Discount Surgical’s product selection options below.

compression socks online store example 2

They also vary in design and color, especially in the running compression sock niche, which offers a lot of flexibility in colors and design to suit your market. Here’s another example from Pro Compression, an online store dedicated entirely to compression socks for sports performance.

compression socks online store example

Fitness and Sports Equipment: Best-Selling and Trending Products

One of the few niches that experienced a big online boom last year was fitness. Online shopping for fitness and sports equipment increased by around 216% in May, compared to the same month in 2019. Although many of these peaks will go back to normal in the coming year – when, hopefully, vaccines bring back some normalcy – many people have decided to continue working out outside of gyms, pandemic or not. Here are some of the best-selling fitness and sports equipment products to consider adding to your store this year. 

40. Resistance Bands

resistance bands online store example

[Source: Rubberbanditz]

As we discussed, exercise equipment had a stellar year last year, and as you can see in the graph below, resistance bands were a popular choice globally. And there is another peak on the horizon.

resistance bands trending products 2021

resistance bands trending per region

[Source: Google Trends]

With the rise in home workout demand, the number of home workout videos and apps has increased, thus increasing the demand for equipment. And one of the biggest trends in fitness at the moment is resistance bands. Not only are they a more affordable option for resistance training, but they are easy to use in small spaces, can be easily moved, offer more versatility, and help establish form. From a seller’s point of view, they are easier to ship and can be bundled together to increase order values. 

41. Indoor Bikes

[Source: Google Trends

Indoor bikes were already gaining traction in 2019, but 2020 accelerated their trajectory, particularly in North and South America, Australia, and the UK.

indoor bikes trending per region

Generally, entry-level spin bikes offer a more affordable cardio exercise machine for the home than, say, treadmills. However, it’s the all-inclusive training bikes that are really pumping at the moment, thanks to indoor apps like Peloton

[embedded content]

42. Golf Shoes

best online golf shoe store ecco

[Source: Ecco]

According to Golf Datatech,  off- and on-line golf gear sales reached an all-time high in July of 2020. To give you an idea of some other golf product sales, there was an increase of 27% for golf balls, 32% for golf putters, and 83% for golf irons over the same period. It’s no surprise, then, that golf shoes also trended over the summer, and their popularity is staying much higher than in previous years.

golf shoes trending product 2021

golf shoes trending per region

[Source: Google Trends]

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to excel in the golf gear, apparel, and/or tech accessory market, here are some popular online golf stores: 

  1. Gfore
  2. Function18
  3. Golf Wang
  4. Perfect Practice
  5. William Murray Golf
  6. OptiShot Golf

43. Trail Shoes 

It’s not only golf shoes that got a big boost last year! Trail shoes are another 2020 trending product that you can turn into a best-seller in 2021. 

trail shoes trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

As you can see above, they are starting strong in popularity this year and have a broad, global reach.

example of running shoes store roadrunner sports

New US Trend Alert: Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

Another sports shoe trend worth keeping an eye on is breathable mesh running shoes.

breathable running shoes trending product 2020

breathable running shoes trending per region

[Source: Google Trends]

44. Exercise Mats 

If you’re not new to the fitness accessory niche, you weren’t surprised to see mats on the best-sellers lists last year. But as you can see from the graph, 2021 is set to be another bumper year. Even without the new home workout trend boom, exercise and yoga mats are a stable and lucrative industry to sell in, with yoga mat sales alone expected to reach $17 billion by 2025.

exercise mats trending product 2020

exercise mats trending per region

[Source: Google Trends

However, their growing popularity comes with growing competition, and sellers will have to pull out all the stops in terms of creatively positioning their exercise mats to stand out, whether this means coming up with original designs and materials or using expert PPC strategies to push a unique USP and adapting to market changes in real-time. A brand that is winning at both is Manduka.

best yoga mat stores online

45. Electric Longboards (2020 Summer Trending Product)

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Electric longboards are another product that trended last summer and is expected to trend again this year.

electric longboard trending products 2020

electric longboard trending per region

[Source: Google Trends

The appeal behind electric longboards is that skaters can get to college and work more affordably and with less effort. In short, options for a more relaxing and less sweaty ride. Some examples of winning skateboarding eCommerce stores include Hogans Boards, Evolve Skateboards USA, and Volta Boards.

boatloads winning online store example

46. Fishing Rods 

When it comes to sports equipment, fishing gear is a consistent seller, fishing rods being a 2020 best-seller. 2021 is set to be even better for online fishing rod sales, with popularity reaching critical global eCommerce hotspots such as the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and South Africa.

fishing rods trending product 2020

[Source: Google Trends]

Homeware and Decor Best-Selling and Trending Products

The furniture and homeware market is worth $229 million in the US alone. Although it is a highly competitive niche to sell in, there is a lot of room to creatively stand out from the competition. The key is finding a variety of best-selling products for different market segments. 

47. Blankets (Winter Product) 

Blankets are one of those winter products that frequently sell well year on year. Plus, they offer good profit margins for sellers, making them a homeware and decor store must-have.

blankets best-selling product 2021

blankets best-selling product per region

[Source: Google Trends

Blankets can be marketed in various ways, with messaging focusing on affordability, style, material, design, or comfort – just to name a few. Some of the last years’ trending blanket types include: 

  1. Plush blankets
  2. Fleece blankets 
  3. Weighted blankets

weighted blankets trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends]

48. Desk Chairs

With more people working online, the demand for home desk chairs has grown. As you can see below, 2020 was a big hit for this homeware segment.

desk chairs best selling product 2021

desk chairs trend per region

[Source: Google Trends

There are various segments within the desk chair niche available to sellers, allowing them to focus on specific markets such as style and design (like ergonomic office chairs) for upper-end corporate home offices; or affordability for students or consumers looking for a quick fix for short-term work from home. 

Breakout Trend: Home Office Furniture 

Home office furniture and accessories were a breakout niche in 2020. Many office furniture stores changed messaging to cash in on this market. The niche itself promises a lot of growth in the coming year – enough to focus a whole store around home office furniture and accessories. Some trending products include:

  1. Ergonomic office chairs
  2. Sit-stand desks
  3. Storage and organization solutions
  4. Power strips and other electronic accessories 
  5. Mouse pads
  6. Home office decor 
  7. Desk pads 

With regards to desk pads, you will want to pay very close attention to waterproof desk pads, which are set to trend big in 2021!

waterfproof desk pad trending product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

49. Lumbar Pillows 

With the increase in chair demand comes the rise of lumbar pillows. However, as you can see from the graph below, lumbar pillows have been increasingly trending since 2016. Their popularity is more related to general home decor, and more people looking for additional back support when sitting.

lumbar pillows best-selling product 2020

lumbar pillows best-selling product per region

[Source: Google Trends]

In terms of home decor, you can turn them into best-sellers if you can offer on-trend designs. If you are selling in the health or home office furniture niche, you will want to focus on lumbar pillows with back or neck support, or armrests. As you can see on marketplaces like Amazon, this is a product that fits into a vast variety of niches.

lumbar pillow market segments and types amazon

Sellers Tip: Capitalize on lumbar pillow trends for your home bedding store by selling lumbar pillow covers. Or, you could consider adding lumbar car pillows to your car accessory store. 

50. Rugs

rugs best selling products 2021

rugs trending per region

[Source: Google Trends

Rugs have been a consistent best-seller for a few years. However, last year they reached a trending high, and this year their online popularity is expected to rise to an all-time high as more and more people opt for buying homeware online. Some popular 2020 rug designs and concepts to keep an eye on for this year include: 

  • Vintage Turkish rugs 
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Kitchen rugs

kitchen rugs trending product 2020

[Source: Kitchen Rugs Google Trends]

If you’re looking for a winning example of an online rug store, look no further than Rugs Direct. From their top-notch product photography to user-friendly menus, category search, hashtag (#RUGSDIRECTSTYLE ), and social integration, they have a lot of inspiration to offer brands. But it’s their ‘shop by size’ rug selection tool that gets us excited: 

shop by size online store rugs

51. Sofa Covers

dog sofa cover store

Sofa cover popularity is not new; they have been on an upward trend since 2019. Although they did drop around the peak of pandemic lockdowns, they are expected to have their best year yet.

sofa cover best selling product 2021

sofa cover trending per region

[Source: Google Trends]

Trend Watch: Sofa covers/protectors for pets (and chairs, floors, etc., for that matter) are a big trending product to consider adding to your store this year. Here’s just a taste from Orvis.

dog sofa cover store

sofa pet protector cover

[Source: Google Trends]

Jewelry and Accessories: Best-Selling and Trending Products

According to a Grand View Research report, the jewelry segment will reach $480 billion by 2025. If you thought jewelry was all about marketing to affluent older consumers, think again. It’s been estimated by Edahn Golan that in the US, the lowest income brackets spend, on average, $615 per year on jewelry products. Here are just a few of the best-selling jewelry products and accessories you can sell online in 2021. 

52. Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry organizers are one of those products that have proven to be consistent best-sellers over the last few years. As you can see from the trend graph below, they have seasonal peaks at the end of the year and are particularly popular in North America. 

jewelry organizer best-selling product 2021

jewelry organizer trend per region

[Source: Google Trends]

Their demand may be consistent, but the types of jewelry organizers that trend change from year to year. There are a variety of types that could fit into a variety of segments, including: 

  1. Drawer organizers
  2. Jewelry stands
  3. Wall jewelry organizers 
  4. Travel jewelry organizers

New Trend Alert: Lockable Jewelry Cabinets

If you’re looking for a new, trending product to sell on your jewelry accessory or home store in 2021, then lockable jewelry cabinets could be a big, best-selling hit for you. 

trending product lockable jewelry cab 2021

[Source: Google Trends

These can be mirrored, with draws, or even wall-mounted. Here’s a list of 25 beautiful locking jewelry armoires for product inspiration. 

53. Pendants 

Pendants are the bread and butter of any jewelry store. As you can see below, they are frequently favored in multiple regions.

pendants best selling products 2021

pendants trending per region

[Source: Google Trends

The trick is staying on top of fashion jewelry trends to ensure you can turn that popularity into sales. Currently, these include colorful stones, silver, initial necklaces, beads, pearls, and lab diamonds.

New Trend Alert: Lab Diamonds 

Lab or synthetic diamonds are growing in demand. The biggest reason for this is they offer a far more environmentally-friendly and humanitarian option than their mined namesakes. Take a look at the trend graph for lab diamonds: 

lab diamond trending product 2021

You can read more about this topic and the demand for it in this in-depth article: The sparkling rise of the lab-grown diamond.

54. Men’s Rings 

Men’s rings are one of those products that went from trend to best-seller almost overnight – and they are due for a big bump in 2021.

mens rings best selling product 2021

mens rings trending regions

[Source: Google Trends]  

They are having a significant surge in online popularity in South Africa right now, but as you can see, they have a broad, global reach. And their style and variety? Growing right along with their demand. Take a look at this list from GQ from December 2020: Best men’s rings to live your Liberace fantasy.

Kitchen and Home Accessories Best-Selling and Trending Products

The decline in housing market activity in the US has resulted in a decrease in industry demand for new equipment such as kitchen products. However, smaller products are still trending and other places, like Australia, are still enjoying a 6.7% industry growth in online kitchen and dining ware sales. Here are some of the top-selling kitchen and home accessory products you sell online in 2021 – in your kitchen or homeware store.

55. Air Fryers

kitchen store example everything kitchens

[Source: Everything Kitchens

Air fryers shot to fame for many reasons, including their versatility and ease of use. But the most significant driving force behind this product’s demand and trends is that it offers a healthier way to cook those comfort foods. 

air fryer best selling product 2021

air fryer trends per region

[Source: Google Trends

The global air fryer market is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2027 – that’s substantial for one product category. 

56. Broom Holders

broom holder best selling product 2021

broom holder trending regions

[Source: Google Trends

If you thought their demand was entirely centered around low-cost plastic versions, think again. Here’s just one example from Swiss Storage.

example store selling stylish broom holders

When looking for broom holders, people mostly consider ease of installation, the number of slots and hooks, weight capacity, and/or versatility – giving you useful insights into defining your marketing messaging for these products. 

57. Can Openers 

Another best-selling product you can sell online in 2021 is can openers. Can openers may not seem ‘sexy,’ but their constant demand makes them that sure thing for your online kitchen appliance and accessory store.

can openers best selling product 2021

can openers trending regions

[Source: Google Trends

Some of the most popular can openers online at the moment include EZ-DUZ-IT and Hamilton Beach.

58. Can Organizers (2020 Product Trend) 

Another can product making our best-selling and trending product list is organizers. Can organizers trended hugely in 2020 and are worth investigating to boost 2021 sales – specifically in the US, UK, and Australia. 

can organizer best selling products 2021

can organizer trends per region

[Source: Google Trends]

The most popular types of can organizers include: 

  • Stackable racks 
  • Shelf organizers
  • Shelf step organizers
  • Carts
  • Door pantry organizers

can organizer for doors example amazon

[Source: Smart Pantry Shelf ]

59. Measuring Cups 

Despite being an old-faithful best-seller pre-home-baking-surge, 2020 was a huge trending year for measuring cups. We can thank rising home baking trends in 2020 for the increased demand for products such as measuring cups.

measuring cup best selling product 2020

measuring cup trending regions

[Source: Google Trends]

Some popular variants include plastic, silicone, different types for measuring liquid/dry ingredients, and sets.

online baking tools store

[Source: Cake Craft Shop]

60. Stove Covers

stove cover best selling product 2021

stove cover trending regions

[Source: Google Trends]

Another great 2020 trending kitchen product to test this year is stove covers. They are an extensive category, with products catering to different stove designs and purposes – either practical or decorative. You only have to look at big marketplaces such as Walmart to see the niche segment and design opportunities.

walmart trending stove covers

Breakout Product Trend Alert: Waffle Makers 

Looking for a possible breakout trending product to cash in on in 2021? Then waffle makers could be it! Take a look at their expected trajectory in the Google Trends graph below. 

waffle maker best selling product 2020

Pet Accessories: Best-Selling and Trending Products

The next batch of best-selling products to sell online in 2021 are in the online pet accessory niche. The pet care market is expected to experience a 5.25% CAGR until 2023, with Statista putting the US online pet care market at $3.4 billion. This makes it a niche full of opportunities for established brands to extend into or new store owners to create a whole brand around. Here are some of the best-selling pet accessories to sell. 

Trend Alert: Winning Pet-Related Shopify Store 

If you don’t think the pet-related product boom can help you in your niche, think again. Take a look at what Crown and Paw are doing. Genius! 

pet photos on products

pet photos on products crown and paw

And they are not the only ones; you can also check out West and Willow and Furry Friends for heaps of inspiration. 

61. Cat Beds

The pet furniture segment is growing, and one of the biggest jumps in this category is cat beds. As you can see below, 2020 was a booming year for online cat bed demand globally. 

cat bed best selling product 2021

cat bed interest by region

[Source: Google Trends

There are many options here, including other store niches, such as adding a fun cat bed trend to a gift store. For the more serious pet supply stores – for those fancy felines – there are designer beds that are also selling like hotcakes. Here’s an example from Werfwerz.

designer cat bed examples

There are a ton of variations in terms of design, style, and material. But if you’re looking for a head start, The New York Times found that cats prefer to curl up, a round bolster, or cave beds that are at least 15 inches in diameter. 

62. Dog Bowls

dog bowl best selling product 2021

dog bowl trending per region

[Source: Google Trends]

Another consistently-selling pet product to sell this year is dog bowls. As you can see above, they are particularly popular in the US, UK, and Australia and expected to have their highest trend this year. This is mainly due to popular dog bowl types such as: 

  1. Slow feed bowls 
  2. Elevated bowls
  3. Stainless steel bowls 
  4. [New Possible Trend Alert] Silicone dog bowls 
  5. [New Possible Trend Alert] Dog bowl sets 

63. Dog Collars 

Dog collars are one of the most constant sellers in the pet supply niche – aside from consumable products such as food, of course.

dog collar best selling product 2020

dog collar interest per region

[Source: Google Trends

Dog collars have almost endless marketing possibilities across niches, markets, styles, and prices. Like with all other pet products, collars even have a designer niche. Have a look at Max Bone, a designer carrier store that sells collars as well.

pet dog collar designer example

67. Dog Pens

dog pen types

[Source: Chewy

Last in the pet-related best-selling product section are dog pens. Now, dog pens aren’t sexy and a little harder to package and ship, but they have become a consistent seller in this niche and are therefore definitely worth a look for the right market.

dog pen best selling product 2021

[Source: Google Trends]

Tech & Gadgets: Best-Selling and Trending Products

The last set of products on our best-selling product list focuses on tech products and gadgets. Tech is a broad category, with consumer electronics alone being worth $415+ million worldwide. Although COVID-19 outbreaks led to significant supply chain and logistics disruptions through 2020, they’re expected to adapt and recover in 2021. Here are some of the most popular tech products and gadgets to sell online this year. 

68. Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses (2020 Trending Product) 

A big trending product from last year is light-blocking glasses. Said to prevent headaches caused by the blue light from cell phones, computers, and televisions, they have gotten a lot of attention. 

light blocking glasses best selling product 2021

light blocking interest per region

[Source: Google Trends]  

Selling on some of the best-known online glasses stores such as Warby Parker, this is a trending product you may want to investigate. 

warby parker light filtering lenses

69. Laptop Stands (2020 Trending Product)

laptop stand trending product 2021

laptop stand interest region

[embedded content]

70. Pop Sockets

pop socket best selling product 2021

[Source: Google Trends

Another tech product from our older trending product lists that shows no sign of slowing down just yet is pop sockets. The reason for their continued popularity is probably due to quick-changing designs. A store that sets the trends and pivots to stay relevant is the original Pop Sockets.

71. Smart Lamps

A new addition to the smart electronics family is smart lamps. Syncing with voice and home assistants, they can be controlled and customized through WiFi.

smart lamp 2020 best selling product

smart lamp trending regions

[Source: Google Trends

There are a variety of types, including night, reading, decorative, and mood lights.

smart lamp best-selling on amazon

[Source: Amazon] 

New Trend Alert: Wireless Charging Stations

Trending big-time in 2020 were wireless charging stations, especially over the peak holiday shopping days. They are worth keeping an eye on this year. 

wireless charger best selling product

[Source: Google Trends]

There you have it, 70+ best-selling products to sell online in 2021. Stay tuned to our blog for more popular and trending blog alerts in 2021. 

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