New Forrester Report for Brands: Gauge the Size of Your Digital Commerce Prize

We all know that brands need a strong e-commerce strategy to survive.

Then again, not all digital opportunities are created equal.

Some brands are wildly successful with direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies, while others rely on strong retailer relationships to maintain profit margins. One brand might see a lot of sales in a particular geographic market, while another needs to focus on reaching niche audiences around the world. And even within the same company, different product types may require different touchpoints at various stages of the online shopping journey. 

So, how can you know which strategies are best for your brand to pursue? Where should you place your digital commerce bets? 

These are the exact questions Forrester seeks to answer in the new report, Brands: Gauge the Size of Your Digital Commerce Prize. This free resource is designed to help brands understand regional differences in the digital commerce landscape and identify unique opportunities for driving more sales and revenue. In it, researchers take a look at:

  • The various benefits of D2C, from cultivating lasting loyalty to influencing purchase decisions across sales channels
  • Important criteria to evaluate when designing a digital strategy, such as product type and regional targets, to help ensure accurate sales projections and profit margin forecasts.
  • Specific steps brands can take to help ensure long-term success 

With so many options available worldwide, it’s important to remember there’s no one-size-fits-all revenue opportunity. Instead, brands must carefully evaluate different approaches to accurately gauge the size of each digital commerce prize. Whether you continue with wholesale, branch out to marketplaces or focus on connecting directly with customers, there will continue to be critical decisions at each stage. And with up-to-date advice from the digital commerce experts, you can evaluate each one more easily: 

Download the free Forrester report >> 

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