Using Paid Advertising to Boost Website Traffic at the End of the Year

website trafficAs we head into the end of the year and start a new one, online stores tend to see lower website traffic and lower sales. Shoppers, fresh off a binge of retail spending, are focusing their energy elsewhere. As a result, ecommerce retailers also tend to ease off the gas.

But the end of the year can be a sneaky good time to achieve some retail success. Consumers may have gotten gifts they weren’t happy about. Or some shoppers are gearing up for their New Year’s resolutions. Whatever the reason, plenty of people will be looking to spend money.

And if people are looking to spend money, your store can benefit. All you need to do is put a little budget behind your paid advertising.

How Paid Advertising Helps Website Traffic

When we think of paid advertising, a lot of ideas come to mind. Mainly, though, Google Shopping, social media, and retargeting ads tend to be the focus for many retailers. 

All these ad types are great for increasing website traffic and driving revenue. Quite simply: the more you spend, the more visitors come to your ecommerce shop. Ideally, they’ll make a purchase, increasing your ROI and decreasing various costs of your paid advertising spend.

One ad type, though, stands out from the rest when it comes to creating new traffic for your store: Prospecting Ads.

What Are Prospecting Ads

Prospecting Ads are an ad type that are specifically used for bringing new shoppers to your store. When leveraging this ad type, you have two options for audience targeting to choose from:

website trafficLookalike Targeting

With lookalike targeting campaigns, your audience is determined by your customer data. Lookalike prospecting campaigns deploy ads to the web that will target consumers that are identical to your customers.

Attribute Targeting

With attribute targeting, you can get a little more granular with your selected audience. Choose from different attributes such as education, food and drink, sports, and other interests. Once completed, your campaign will go out to shoppers that fit into the attribute list you put together.

Prospecting Ads = New Website Traffic

Put it all together and you have a recipe to drive new shoppers to your online store.

New shoppers are a new source of revenue for your brand. We know, we know: acquiring new customers is costly. However, prospecting ads can be low cost and low effort. And the results go beyond just a simple revenue increase.

New website traffic presents an opportunity to turn one-time shoppers into repeat buyers. And repeat buyers into loyal customers. And loyal customers into brand advocates. Brand advocates help with word-of-mouth marketing which, you guessed it, brings more new shoppers to your online store.

An increase in website traffic also helps with your search rankings. The ecommerce retail landscape is packed. Anything you can do to help move yourself up in customers’ searches will always be worth the investment.

Don’t Take Down Your Decorations Just Yet

At the end of the year, the urge to dial back on ad spend is very natural (what we call “taking down your decorations). But when you look at consumer behavior, there is a real opportunity to make some small wins and set yourself up for a strong new year. Don’t be afraid to invest a little to bring new shoppers to your ecommerce store.

If you’re interested in learning about how Springbot can help you increase your website traffic, you can schedule a demo here. One of our ecommerce experts will be in touch with you to set up some time to chat. Or, you can start a 14-day trial by signing up here. Either way, we would love to show you how Springbot enables growing businesses to generate more revenue through email marketing and paid advertising.

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