Google AdsIf you have the budget to grow your online business or eCommerce store by reaching more people and generating more leads, Google Shopping Ads are worth considering.

eCommerce businesses leverage Google Shopping Ads as a part of their marketing strategy to accomplish their sales goals. Setting aside a portion of your budget to run Google Shopping Ads is one of the easiest and most practical ways to convert online shoppers who are interested in purchasing a product.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are product-based ads. Unlike ordinary ads that appear on Facebook, YouTube, and other websites, Google Shopping Ads display specific products related to the search, store links, product prices, images, ratings, and other essential information. 

The ads show key information about products to potential customers. Because of the simplicity of the ads, interested users can follow the shopping link directly to your store. It’s that simple. 

Do you notice the products that pop up on the top of the results of your Google Search when browsing particular search terms on Google? These could be your ads for your products.

Google Shopping Ads Benefits

Suppose you are still on the fence about testing Google Shopping Ads for your eCommerce store. You should consider the additional marketing benefits they provide. These include product visibility, detailed metrics and clear reporting, and a broader reach for your ads. 

Here is a list of how Google Shopping Ads could benefit you:

Excellent product visibility

With Google Shopping Ads, you can put your unique products in the spotlight for more people to see. Whether you are starting a business or have already established a name, appearing on the top of a search engines’ results page will help drive potential consumers to purchase your products. 

With excellent product visibility, the chances of funneling new consumers to buy your products are higher. Keep in mind that these consumers are already shopping for products similar to yours. So, they don’t need to be familiar with your brand if your ads match their searches with relevant, high-quality photos and compelling product descriptions. 

Get a broader reach

Google Shopping Ads also appear on YouTube, the Images tab, the Shopping tab, and other Google Search partner websites. Because of this, getting Google Shopping Ads will help you and your products reach more people.

Your reach will not stop there because Google is steadily expanding its Shopping Ads channels. Plus, there is no limit to the amount of space these ads occupy on a single search. This means your shopping ads can appear on almost every related search compared to premium ads, where they will only display one product per page. 

Basically, you can grow your reach with more products on one page, more channels, and more shoppers looking to buy specific products. 

Better advertising purchase tracking

Let’s face it, creating content, sponsoring posts, and hiring influencers to get your brand name out there can be expensive. With Google Shopping Ads, it is very easy to track performance across different metrics like click-through rate, purchases, conversion rate, and cost per click. This gives marketers and business owners key insights into how well their product ads are performing.

Google Shopping Ads can bring more qualified traffic to your website and reach more people. They can also give you a higher chance of conversion by utilizing their AI, bidding algorithms, and predictive audiences.  

Google Shopping Ads are often better for generating more conversions because the ads are reaching people at the moment when they are looking to buy a product. This is because they are displayed based on the relevance to the user’s search intent. Search intent simplifies the customer journey and increases the likelihood that they will find what they are looking for more quickly. 

Google Shopping Ads are a great tool to add to your current marketing stack.

Get quality leads

When talking about potentially making a sale, quality traffic outweighs a larger quantity of traffic. As we have discussed already, your ads will be shown to potential customers searching for a specific product or something related to the products they are searching for. This increases the chance for a sale.

Seeing your products at the right place and at the right time can encourage them to click on your product and research it. 

For example, a customer is searching for furniture for their home office. They will search for it on Google or watch a YouTube video for ideas, and guess what they see next? They see the office tables or office chairs you are selling. 

Everyone researches before they buy and this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to them using these ads.

Google Shopping Ads display well on mobile

According to Statista, 72.9% of all eCommerce is expected to generate sales via mobile. And because most people are on their smartphones and tablets these days, it is ideal to optimize your ads for mobile. 

manage Facebook adsGoogle searches are also conducted on mobile. Having ads that display better on mobile is a must if you want to make it easier for customers to use your website. 

Fortunately, Google Shopping Ads are optimized to look better on mobile. This makes them an excellent way to get more potential customers using their phones to search products—which is over 60% of the US population.

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