Turning anonymous website visitors into customers with personalized email outreach and data marketing.

As much as technology has evolved, one aspect of marketing has stayed persistent, and it’s email marketing. It remains a tried and true marketing channel for ecommerce businesses. In fact, it is still responsible for generating 20-25% of ecommerce revenue on average.  Therefore, it’s imperative for small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses to focus on email list growth.

Springbot gathers data on your target audience using shared demographics between similar sites, increasing customer engagement. With personalized emails, consumers are more likely to open your emails, be attentive, and click through to your ecommerce platform. 

What is the Onsite Abandonment Feature?

For growing businesses, email list growth is essential and vital to the expansion of your ecommerce business. It keeps customers coming back by creating a culture of brand loyalty, personalized outreach, and promotion. 

But building a customer base from scratch is a tedious procedure. Cold, impersonal outreach emails are often left unread and sent to junk folders. An additional challenge is turning casual website visitors into active email subscribers and ultimately customers. 

Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment feature gives retailers access to the data they need to engage with consumers who were previously beyond their reach. Having accessibility to such consumers is a potential goldmine for online retailers. 

With Onsite Abandonment, ecommerce retailers can actively target both unknown site visitors and current customers with customized marketing, thereby driving conversions.

Most abandonment solutions only target visitors who have already registered their email address with the merchant. However, Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment provides online retailers with the opportunity to convert new website visitors who weren’t already in their system. 

The data shows it’s working well. A Springbot customer revealed that the onsite abandonment feature converts passive visitors to email subscribers at a 23% rate for his store.

Using this feature, Springbot captures the data from anonymous site visitors, then it sends them an email. If the consumer opens and interacts with the email, they are immediately added to your ecommerce email list for future offers and outreach. 

How Does the Onsite Abandonment Feature Work?

Let’s break it down into three simple steps:

1. Springbot matches your visitors. 

When an online shopper browses your ecommerce site, Springbot collects their data and matches it to an email address in the Springbot Exchange. The match rate for email addresses to visitors is 10%.

2. Springbot sends out a personalized email to your site visitors. 

Springbot sends a personalized email to the matched email address on behalf of the retailer.

3. Boom! Email List Growth.

If the recipient clicks on the email, Springbot then adds their email address to your contact list. The average open rate for Onsite Abandonment emails is 23%.

Expanding Your Target Audience Base

Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment tool helps small businesses compete fairly with larger brand retailers. Achieving brand recognition amongst ecommerce giants can be challenging, but the onsite abandonment tool connects you with consumers looking for exactly what you’re offering. 

We know the longevity of small ecommerce businesses is directly related to growing their email list; the more subscribers they add, the healthier the future outlook of the business.

Email List Growth Payoffs and a Case Study’s Findings Using the Onsite Abandonment Tool

Depending on what industry your ecommerce marketplace operates in, advertising can be restricted. 

Some examples of businesses that struggle with restrictions are:

  • Guns and Firearms Industries
  • Tobacco Manufacturing and Retail
  • Reproductive Health Products
  • Loans, Assorted Financial Services

Consumers can still search and buy these products, but for marketing purposes, these industries are banned from certain advertising channels. 

One customer who operates in a restricted category,  praises Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment tool, “We’ve been able to capture warm email subscribers at only .20 cents per subscriber, which keeps us at a very healthy ROI. We added over 3,700 email subscribers last quarter, and the subscribers keep flowing in.”

Here’s What We Know

Reports show that out of 100 visitors to your site, 39 browse the products, and only 4 buy

Some consumers add to their carts, expressing more intent to buy. Others browse abandon by scanning your site, visiting pages, but not actually adding any product to their cart. These consumers have a lower intent to buy. 

You can remodel your site for a friendly user experience to attempt to improve conversion rates yourself or let us do the work with the Onsite Abandonment tool. 

Here are three recommended tips for improving your site’s browser abandonment:

  • Keep it visual. 

Without touch and visual aspects, a consumer doesn’t feel completely comfortable about their upcoming purchase. Use vivid descriptions, or 360 views to alleviate doubts about your product listing.

  • Keep it fast.

A slow-loading experience is a negative consumer experience and decreases add-to-cart consumers. Perform a site audit to ensure your loading speed is efficient for the level of traffic you’re expecting. Have a proper mobile-friendly version as well, since over 40% of sales are made on mobile devices. 

  • Keep it Personal and Reviewed.

Research suggests that a consumer will browse three different sites before settling on a product. If yours is personal and backed by reviews from previous customers, you’ll look the part.

Again, this is how Springbot benefits your business. We capture not only those who provide their email contact but also the ghost visitors who anonymously visit your site. 

An Onsite Abandonment Summary

Onsite abandonment emails help small and medium-sized retailers build their email lists and turn anonymous website visitors into email subscribers.

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