The Essential E-Commerce Calendar: July-December 2022

e-commerce climbing 15.5% to $235.86 billion.

Want tips to secure your piece of the (pumpkin) pie? 

We’ve broken out a list of best practices to tackle on a month-by-month basis from July to December, including can’t-miss e-commerce conferences, webinars, inspiring success stories, end-of-year preparation tips and more.

What’s Coming in Q3 and Q4 2022

The last half of the year is definitely a busy season for marketers. You’ll see pro-tips highlighting what to focus on each month. For example, the first half of July is making last-minute optimizations to your Amazon Prime Day campaigns and starting end-of-year holiday preparations. And it’s the perfect time to make sure you’re selling everywhere you could be before the busy holiday season ramps up.

With the ChannelAdvisor calendar, you can look forward to weekly inspiration featuring:

  • Important dates to remember for your advertising campaigns
  • Inspiring success stories from other brands and retailers
  • Pricing strategy tips
  • And more!

Print it out. Hang it up. Bookmark it in your browser. No matter how you do it, keep this calendar visible so important dates and upcoming campaigns stay top of mind. 

Download a free copy of Your Essential 2022 E-Commerce Calendar (July-December) now for tips and dates to help you stay organized throughout the second half of the year.