Electronics are one of the most popular product categories when it comes to reselling. In-demand items can fetch a good price, and the market for retro electronics is on the rise. 

Selling Electronics

Trading in electronics at local stores can be convenient, but you’ll often take a big hit on your payout. Knowing the best channels for selling these goods online can net you much higher prices by cutting out the middleman.

This article will cover 15 popular options for selling electronics online and discuss the pros and cons of each. Some sites only deal in certain kinds of products, while others can get you more money if you’re willing to put in the legwork. 

Places for Selling Electronics

Things to Keep in Mind Before Selling Your Electronics 

The electronics market is a rather unusual one. It combines the collectibility of limited print runs with a tech arms race and high resale demand that follows a pattern of nostalgia. Selling electronics can be a great way to make money online. 

Different subcategories behave very differently, with a few key factors driving value. Rarity, condition, and brand are all major factors when it comes to the price of electronics. 

Here are some other factors to keep in mind when pricing and selling electronics:

Condition Is Key

For basically every electronics subcategory, the condition is a huge factor in value. Nobody wants a cracked phone screen, scratched DVD, or video game missing its case and manual. To move items in less-than-mint condition, prices need to drop considerably, and it is important to acknowledge these imperfections to avoid misunderstandings clearly. 

Keep all the Parts Together

Hand-in-hand with condition, is keeping all components together. Especially for collectible items like video games, buyers want the package to be as close to brand new and authentic as possible. This means the box, instructions, cables, etc., all affect the completeness and value when selling electronics. People also like keeping e-waste out of landfills. 

Do Your Research

The electronics market is highly volatile and influenced by a lot of factors. New version releases, supply, and even season can significantly impact the value and demand of electronic products. For example, the video game market following the Covid shutdown saw a significant spike in the demand and value of video games. 

Why Selling Used Electronics Is a Great Way to Make Money

Most electronic products follow a reverse bell curve when it comes to prices over time. They start off at a middling retail price before dropping in value as their newness wears off and updated versions are released. Over time, value often begins to climb back up as these items become rare and retro, sometimes exceeding their initial retail price. 

Unlike other types of products like clothes or cars, well-taken care of electronics don’t really depreciate in value. Clothes get worn out, and cars lose value as they gain miles, but electronics tend to retain functionality quite well. Many collectors and hobbyists in the electronics category actually see their collections as investments since they often carry or even increase their value over time. 

A smart strategy is to buy electronics once their value dips below retail, then use them for their entertainment purpose before reselling them as retro collectibles down the road. Mastering this pattern can even make electronics collecting a profitable hobby. 

Where to Sell Electronics Online

Not so many years ago, there were limited options for reselling electronics: GameStop, eBay, and Craigslist were a few main options. Today, countless other websites have sprung up allowing anyone to sell products online.

Here are some options to consider depending on the types of electronics you are looking to sell:



Decluttr is one of the easiest ways to sell used electronics. Simply search for the items you want to sell and answer a few questions about condition and completeness for an instant valuation. Then all you need to do is accept the offer and ship your products for payment: easy! You might not get as high of prices as selling on your own, but it’s much less work.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade In

You may have noticed on some Amazon product pages a line that states the trade-in value of an item. Amazon’s trade-in program buys certain products straight from customers to resell. Simply look up the product page for an item you are thinking of letting go to see how much it is worth as an Amazon buyback. Again, these prices will be lower than the reselling price (obviously), but you don’t have to worry about managing sales on your own. This is different than selling on Amazon directly. 

Apple Trade In

Apple Trade In

Apple’s trade-in service offers store credit in the form of trade value or gift cards for used Apple products. You can see prices online and have the option to ship your old i-products or simply bring them to your local Apple store for trade-in or upgrade. 

Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy Trade In

Best Buy accepts a wide variety of electronics for their train-in service, including:

  • Computers
  • Phones (including Google Pixel)
  • Video games and consoles
  • Headphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Smart home devices

You can search for eligible items and trade-in values online or take your old electronics to a Best Buy store near you. Note that your trade-in value will be for a Best Buy gift card.


It's Worth More

ItsWorthMore accepts the same electronics subcategories as Best Buy, plus a few more, and provides an instant quote like Decluttr. Simply search for the products you are looking to sell and give an honest representation of the condition. IWM will send you a free shipping label, so all you have to do is pack your items up and ship them out for free!



Gazelle works similarly to Decluttr and ItsWorthMore, letting you get an instant offer online and ship your items in for free. The selection is less varied (limited to certain phones like Samsung Galaxy, iPads, and Macbooks), but Gazelle usually offers more competitive prices for those items. 



Swappa has one of the best varieties on this list, accepting everything from smartphones, laptops, and video games to drones, smart wearables, and digital cameras. It differs from the previous entries on this list as it facilitates C2C sales rather than being a reseller. Low 3% seller and buyer fees mean you keep more of the value of your items when you connect with a buyer. 


Selling Electronics on eBay

Though a lot has changed with eBay over the years, it is still a great place to sell your old stuff, including electronics. Auction-style sales can be riskier but often pay off for in-demand items, while many sellers opt for set BIN prices. Either way, eBay is a popular place for shoppers looking to buy used video games and other electronics, if you are willing to pay the fees and manage your listings. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is quickly becoming a favored option for local sales. There is also an option to ship items you sell on the marketplace, though local sales are often preferred to save on shipping and fees. Just snap a picture of what you’re trying to sell and post it from the Facebook app to see who is interested in your old electronics. 



Though less popular than it once was, Craiglist is still a widely used platform for local sales of just about anything, electronics included. If you are looking to offload some video game consoles, TVs, or old phones, consider Craiglist. You can even cross-post with local Facebook Marketplace listings if you don’t mind paying Craglist’s classifieds fee. 

Gamestop Trade-In

Gamestop Trade In

GameStop’s business model has always revolved around used game and console trade-ins that they buy and resell. Recently they have expanded the offerings to include phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Go online or in-store to see the trade and cash value for electronics you are looking to offload. 



SellCell is an online service for trading old cell phones and mobile devices. They have also started expanding into video games and a few other categories of items. Simply look up your item and enter its specific details to see its value. Best of all, SellCell has a best-price guarantee, so you can be confident you aren’t leaving money on the table. 



OfferUp is a digital marketplace for just about anything. Electronics are just one category where you can post items to sell directly to buyers. OfferUp supports open communication for local sales and shipping items, making it a flexible option for turning unwanted gadgets into cash. This can be a good option for lower-demand products like Android phones, Kindles, or wireless routers. 



SellShark is a buyback company that purchases used Apple devices for a fair price. They boast a 24-hour processing time for iPhones, iPods, Macbooks, Apple watches, and more. If you are looking for an easy way to get money for used Apple products, but don’t want to take them to an Apple store, this is a simple alternative. 



Gameflip is a C2C marketplace mainly focused on video games, including digital codes. Simply create an account and list your eligible items for potential buyers to browse and search. When an item is purchased, ship it to the buyer-provided address and await acceptance for payment. Gameflip is an easy way to sell games for cash.


Get Started Selling Electronics Today

Tech is a hot category in the growing online resale market. There are many opportunities to sell used electronics, depending on what you have and how much work you are willing to put in. Many also like the fact that it reduces the acceleration of e-waste.

Taking used electronics to a local store for trade-in will usually net you the least, but it is almost effortless. Online trade-in programs usually offer slightly better prices if you don’t mind a trip to your local post office. To get the most money for your used electronics, C2C sales are best, especially in-person meetups that avoid fees altogether. But for rare items, or if you have reservations about meeting strangers in person, popular websites like eBay give you control over your prices if you’re willing to manage the listings. 

If you plan on frequently buying and selling electronics online, it is most convenient to stick with one platform that suits your needs and selling style to build a good reputation for future transactions. Get started today!

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