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You’ll hear key takeaways for B2C ecommerce platforms and for selecting scalable systems.

It’s always fascinating to hear reports directly from the trenches about how businesses use technological innovation to up their game in today’s competitive ecommerce marketplace. On June 27, Miva Solutions Architect, Benjamin Arp, is hosting a webinar discussion with Ron Berrett, the owner of Linen Tablecloth. Berrett will discuss his experience building Linen Tablecloth into a leading provider of table linens, chair covers, and other celebration supplies for special events such as weddings, VIP entertaining, and corporate gatherings.


Here are some of the detailed questions Arp will be discussing with Berrett:

  • Traffic
    • How do you drive traffic to your site?
    • What methods have you tested that didn’t work well?
  • User Experience
    • How important is category navigation and site search?
    • Do you have any sort of upsell functionality to increase order size?
    • How do you think about coupons and discounting?
  • Post Transaction
    • Do you solicit product reviews after a product has shipped?
    • How does your loyalty program incentivize repeat purchases?
  • Scalable Systems Selection
    • Systems Integration – How important is it that these systems are well integrated?
    • Software Evaluation – How have you evaluated systems to determine if they could scale as your business grows? What pitfalls should business owners watch out for as they evaluate new pieces of software?
    • Service Providers – How have you leveraged service providers? Do you prefer to hire employees internally or work with trusted partners?

You’ll hear key takeaways for B2C ecommerce platforms and for selecting scalable systems. Throughout the webinar, you’ll have opportunities to ask the presenters questions.

Whether you’re ready to change up your platform now or just get some solid business advice, “Thriving in a Competitive Marketplace” is a webinar you won’t want to miss. Reserve your seat now.

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