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Dragonproof Ecommerce - Episode 12

Jen Hardman, Miva’s VP of Human Resources, shares how teamwork, creativity, and flexibility are the heart of a compassionate and successful COVID-19 response.

Take ownership. Work together. Grow everyday.

These are the core workplace values that Jen Hardman developed as the VP of Human Resources for Miva. As the COVID-19 crisis grew this spring and radically changed the mode of work for all employees in the company, those guiding principles have now become instrumental in how the entire team is managing each day’s new challenges.

On this week’s Dragonproof Podcast, Rick Wilson spoke remotely with Jen to explore how they transformed a 100+ person company from a physical office to a totally remote workforce…IN 3 DAYS.

What began as an emergency meeting in the weeks before Governor Newsom issued Safer-At-Home orders became an all-hands-on-deck initiative to reimagine communications, schedules, and expectations, across departments and tasks. At the same time, Jen led the creation of new and innovative programs to promote office culture – without the office.

Find out how the team tackled the logistics and supported the emotional health of Miva’s workers, many of whom face the additional challenge of parenting school-age children while holding down full time jobs, in this lucid, positive, and inspiring chat.

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