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The best way to weather unpredictable conditions is to build an evergreen foundation.

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The job of the marketer is to inform and entertain, as an advocate for both the business and the customer. But when internal and external conditions shift rapidly, it can be challenging to adapt messaging and strategy in ways that won’t feel outdated in the next news cycle. 

Upheaval and unpredictability are constants in business. Given that, the key to effective marketing is not playing catch-up, but instead building a foundational approach which will serve you in abundant times and lean times. 

As Director of Business Development and Marketing for Coleman and Company and host of the Custom Apparel Startups podcast, Marc Vila is already a veteran of the relatively new art of digital marketing. He joined Rick Wilson for a detailed talk about the key elements of an evergreen marketing plan:  

• Making content personal to you and your customer 

• Striking the balance between entertainment and information in a positive, human way 

• Taking advantage of marketing automation to speak to more people, more effectively 

No matter what the conditions are, the ultimate function of any company is making customers happy, by connecting them with the products they need. Find out how to best fulfill this timeless objective on the new Dragonproof Podcast. Listen now. 

Work Together: A collection of industry updates, insights, and resources designed to help independent sellers scale and support our community during the coronavirus pandemic.

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