Forrester Report for Brands: Success Relies On Relationships With Retailers

By now, you likely know all about the benefits of direct-to-consumer selling. But while many brands are moving toward D2C strategies, most still make a big bulk of revenue through wholesale retail partnerships.

For this reason, it’s important to keep existing relationships top of mind.

It can be tempting to turn your attention to building connections with loyal customers. But for your brand to be the true master of its destiny, you’ll need to focus on changing the dynamics of retailer relationships, too.

That’s one of the key takeaways from Forrester’s report, and it’s a crucial one.

In the August, 2020 report; Brands’ Success Relies On Relationships With Retailers, researchers show how brands and retailers will need to come together to ensure mutual success. For example, as the e-commerce industry continues to accelerate, will you be ready to:

Support your retailers?

Forrester points out that brands need to be active partners, rather than simply serving as suppliers.

How will you provide a steady stream of high-quality product content? Replenish inventory? Help optimize assortment? These are important areas to consider, since each one can increase your chances of landing premium placements with retailer partners.

Connect with customers?

Moving forward, it’s going to be more important than ever for brands and retailers to work together on connecting with online shoppers.

As consumers discover new ways to explore and purchase products online, it’s up to you to ensure the experience is seamless. Whether someone buys directly from you or goes through one of your authorized retailers, you want them to walk away with the same positive impression of your brand.

These are just two examples among many you’ll find in Forrester’s report. Researchers examine the different ways branded manufacturers can continue to evolve retail partner relationships in the D2C era.

Download your complimentary copy now for insights on:

  • Managing D2C sales alongside retailer relationships
  • Making the transition from supplier to strategic partner
  • Planning for the future of online retail

As the line that once clearly delineated brands and retailers continues to blur, it’s becoming more important than ever to be prepared. And the insights from Forrester’s e-commerce experts are a great place to start. Download your copy here.