Have you developed a targeted advertising strategy for Walmart Marketplace?

If not, now’s the time.

As the number one retailer and second largest e-commerce site in the U.S., Walmart provides a wealth of opportunities to get products in front of active shoppers. But while fast-growing brands and retailers are discovering just how important it is to sell on this channel, many are still deciding how to best optimize their advertising campaigns.

For that, there’s Walmart Connect.

What is Walmart Connect?

Walmart Connect, formerly known as Walmart Media Group, is the company’s media management arm. It was rebranded at the start of 2021 after months of accelerated growth, with a new name to reflect the organization’s focus on connecting third-party sellers to 150 million weekly customers.

As part of that rebranding, Walmart Connect also announced a big push to become a top-ten advertising platform in the U.S. — and revealed plans to expand options for advertisers.

As a result, brands and retailers are seeing increased options for “holistic campaigns” that put “advertiser messages right next to where customers are making purchasing decisions.” And those options are resonating with third-party sellers — big time. The number of advertisers on Walmart doubled in 2020, and the marketplace’s search ad revenues are expected to increase 69.9% in 2021.

Given the recent surges in sales, it’s easy to understand why so many sellers are jumping on the Walmart advertising bandwagon.

Walmart’s e-commerce sales jumped an astounding 79% last year. And during a recent Walmart Connect presentation, VP of Sales and Ad-Tech Partnerships Lex Josephs revealed that shoppers are not only spending more time searching the website and mobile apps, but also putting more items in baskets.

Put simply: Walmart Connect gives you the tools you need to create meaningful connections with those consumers. 

How to make the most of Walmart Connect 

The best way to take advantage of all Walmart Connect has to offer is to leverage Walmart Advertiser Partners — an API program created to connect advertisers with approved platforms. 

By using a preferred partner, Josephs says, brands and retailers can simplify the process of building and managing campaigns while simultaneously reaching wide swaths of shoppers. While you can certainly manage your Walmart Connect campaigns on your own, these platforms are an ideal choice for brands and retailers that want to maximize their ad spend but have limited time.

Marketplace specialists go over these and other features in more detail in the on-demand webinar, Take Control of Your Walmart Connect Campaigns. Whether you’re brand new to Walmart Connect or are looking for tips to make the most of every option, this is a great session to watch. You’ll hear about:

  • Specific features you can use to optimize your Walmart Connect campaigns
  • Step-by-step suggestions for successfully creating your first campaign
  • Tips for taking advantage of automated ad management
  • Advanced automation techniques to save time and spend smarter

Watch the full webinar now — it’ll only take 30 minutes and provide you with all kinds of insights straight from the experts at Walmart and ChannelAdvisor.

Did you know? ChannelAdvisor was Walmart Marketplace’s first-ever launch partner. And now, it’s a preferred Walmart Advertiser partner, too. With the latest updates to our e-commerce platform, Walmart sellers can now save valuable time and resources by leveraging ChannelAdvisor’s powerful automation tools to manage their advertising campaigns in the same platform as their listings. 

You can automate keyword selection and bidding, perform bulk actions, apply performance-based ad rules and more. And you can use these features to boost your return on ad spend (ROAS) on not only Walmart, but dozens of other e-commerce channels as well. Watch the webinar to see it all in action.

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