The Line Up: Making the Complicated Look Elegant and Easy

After a new launch by Miva Professional Services in July, now has an online showroom for creative performance gear.

After a new launch by Miva Professional Services in July, now has an online showroom for creative performance gear that’s worthy of top scores from the judges for design, functionality, and performance at checkout.

Customers who rely on The Line Up have high standards. The teams of cheerleaders, ice skaters, gymnasts and dance performers want eye-catching outfits that entertain while fitting properly as the women and girls are doing highly complicated athletic moves.

Before Miva, The Line Up was on a platform that was hard to manage, with a mishmash of categories that made it difficult to find products and difficult to buy the customized outfits in various sizes. Worst of all, the site didn’t adequately showcase the highly unique combinations available through the company’s outfit patterns and vast warehouse of fabric types, colors, patterns, and embellishments.

The Line Up’s new website built by Miva Professional Services begins with a home page that literally dances, with photos and videos of their gear in action. The tagline “Made for You” reinforces that the outfits are made-to-order, based on customization unique to each team. Customers can select styles from various categories – Dance, Skate, Cheer, Pro, Team – before drilling down to relevant subcategories which highlight new trends and individual clothing pieces. The site includes thousands of potential combinations of styles, colors, accents, and sizes. Prices range from $30 to $500 per outfit.

On the new site, each product page includes a detailed overview description of the design and what type of fabric is used on the bodice, skirt, sleeves, and bottoms. There are sections to display color options – there are often up to three or four different color choices in a single outfit – and accent options such as spangles and rhinestones. Sizes range from XXS to 5XL. The product page shows the pricing for individual orders and discounts for five or more of the same design. There are also fields for customers to leave notes on their thoughts about the design and for buyers to leave reviews.

One of the important pain points the Miva launch addressed was to reduce the headache large teams went through each time they placed on order. In the past, customers could customize an order by selecting style, colors, and accents, and then a size. For each new size, they’d need to reselect the style, colors, and accents. Today, on Miva, the new product pages make checking out a snap. The orders are placed on a single page, with the size options lined up neatly like stage dancers getting ready for their kicks.

The Line Up now includes a ‘Learn‘ section with a variety of helpful resources, including videos on measuring and sizing, guides on 2018 dance trends, and tips on how to get your best costume. An ‘Inspire‘ section includes catalogs, portfolios, and photos of The Line Up outfits in competitions and on the field on Instagram.

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